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Types of Annuities available at My Annuity Store:

Indexed Annuity

Upside potential and downside protection from a potential downturn.

Fixed Annuity

Pays a guaranteed interest rate for a set number of years (also called CD Type Annuity).

Income Annuity

Converts a portion of your retirement savings into a guaranteed lifetime income.

LTC Annuity

A fixed annuity that provides up to 300% of your annuity value for LTC Expenses.

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What Our Customers Say

I made a mid-life career change and was looking for a way to roll over my 401K into something safe. I stumbled upon and am glad I did. Kiara was great and the electronic application was quick and simple.
Lucas hakala testimonial my annuity store
Lucas Hakala
The annuity store has done a great job helping me understand the best fixed index annuities. They are very professional and timely in their communications. Service has been excellent. I do not hesitate to do further business with them.
Nasa don j. Roth testimonial
Don J. Roth
Retired NASA Material Scientist
Best option I found for learning about annuities after months of research. The team at My Annuity Store has done a wonderful job at providing easy to understand information on a complex topic. I will purchase my first annuity from them when ready.
Marcus krause
Marcus Kraus

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Get an experts insight on the latest news in the annuity marketplace and retirement income planning strategies.

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My Annuity Ladder Beats Your Bond Ladder

Annuity Ladder What is an Annuity Ladder? An annuity ladder is an investment technique in which an investor purchases multiple annuities with different maturity dates . In this annuity ladder

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Athene AccuMax Annuity Review

Athene AccuMax Annuity Review The Athene Accumax is a fixed index annuity designed to provide more upside accumulation potential and downside protection from market volatility. The AccuMax offers 3 index

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Fixed Index Annuity

Best Annuity Income Riders

Best Annuity Income Riders Guide for Beginners Annuity income riders are optional benefits that can be attached to many variable annuity and fixed index annuities for a fee. They add

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