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Our nation is in an unprecedented situation with a population that grows older each day. As uncertainty persists and volatility creeps back up into the market, the need for annuities products will likely continue to increase.

We believe a lack of educational materials and accessibility to structured products and annuities has hindered the widespread adoption of these strategies in the United States. My Annuity Store strives to educate and provide individuals with the materials and tools to better understand these products, so they feel comfortable utilizing them to increase the likelihood of reaching their overall investment goals.

Our solutions are designed to minimize risk, not increase it. Our Mission is to provide everyone access to retirement planning advice, annuity educational materials and products.

About us

Creating a Better Experience

My Annuity Store, Inc. provides a platform for individuals to acquire knowledge, request, compare, price and select income, fixed, and fixed index annuities.

We strive to elevate and simplifying the experience of acquiring annuity education and product. Our annuity platform is designed to be the broadest, most unbiased, and independent, multi-carrier platform available to Americans to easily request, compare, price and purchase annuities at any age in their lifecycle.

Our Mission

My Annuity Store’s mission is to empower retirees to make informed financial decisions regarding their retirement.


Our Vision

We believe annuities should be bought and not sold. As technology improves and awareness increases online investing, banking and education will become commonplace.

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I am working on my retirement portfolio, Kiara was very helpful and informative. My confidence level in a secure retirement is much higher now.
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Sherri Caudill
Great people to work with! The electronic application process was quick and easy. Would highly recommend there services to anyone!
Nathan RIvers
Automotive Engineer
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