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Kiara Caudill founded My Annuity Store, Inc. in January 2020. She spent the first 10 years of her career practicing as a clinical mental health therapist. It was during these years that she learned how important one’s financial health was to their overall mental health.

She saw firsthand that financial health plays a large role in one’s happiness.

“How you handle your finances is not only important for your financial health – it is also very critical for your mental health.” She addresses her clients’ goals and ambitions to ultimately create a retirement income plan that instills confidence and reduces stress and anxiety.

Leaning on her background ins Psychology and mental health Kiara approaches financial planning from a behavioral finance perspective using a goals-based approach.

She graduated from Goshen College with a B.A. Degree in Psychology with a minor in Anthropology/ Sociology in 2005.  In 2007 Kiara graduated from Valparaiso University with an M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She is also a licensed mental health therapist.

Our solutions are designed to minimize risk, not increase it. Our nation is in an unprecedented situation with a population that grows older each day. As uncertainty persists and volatility creeps back up into the market, annuities products will likely continue to increase in popularity.
My Annuity Store, Inc. provides a platform for individuals to acquire knowledge, request, compare, price and select income, fixed, and fixed index annuities. Our website is versatile, easy to use and is equipped with educational tools aimed to help our visitors better understand the role annuities can play in a retirement portfolio.
We believe a lack of educational materials and accessibility to structured products and annuities has hindered the widespread adoption of these strategies in the United States. My Annuity Store strives to educate and provide individuals with the materials and tools to better understand these products, so they feel comfortable utilizing them to increase the likelihood of reaching their overall investment goals.

Kiara Caudill
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Best option I found for learning about annuities after months of research. The team at My Annuity Store has done a wonderful job at providing easy to understand information on a complex topic. I will purchase my first annuity from them when ready.
Marcus krause
Marcus Krause
Great people to work with! The electronic application process was quick and easy. Would highly recommend there services to anyone!
Nathan RIvers
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