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Finding the Right Annuity Just Got Easier

INDIANAPOLIS, IndianaNov. 25, 2020 — My Annuity Store, Inc – a leading online annuity provider on a mission to provide All American’s access to annuity educational materials, advice, and product information. The ability to provide annuity rates from 56 insurance companies furthers our goal of providing independent, unbiased & transparent information.

Annuities Genius, a web-based annuity product dashboard for insurance organizations and professionals, launched an updated platform that delivers instant, one-click access to current, annuity product information.

Annuities Genius offers a comprehensive annuities database with access to dozens of carriers and their annuities to save insurance professionals time, bolster sales and increase credibility with clients. The platform enables users to review product details, income rider calculations, hypothetical historical performance data, and more – all in one place.

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Technology Driven Annuities for the Modern Era

Buying an annuity can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. With Annuities Genius we are now able to shop and compare 56 annuity companies, 300+ different riders, and greater than 2000 annuity contracts.

While we had already prided ourselves as a virtual annuity store powered by technology-driven annuities Annuities Genius definitely elevates the process of purchasing an annuity – even to the point, it’s become enjoyable.


Annuities Genius Brings New Capabilities to My Annuity Store

The Annuities Genius software features:

  • A comprehensive database of the industry’s major annuity products
  • The Historian – provides hypothetical historical snapshots of fixed index annuities and their index allocation options to help clients understand and react to various market conditions
  • A.I. Suggestion Tool – a smart selection tool that helps agents and advisors to select and research annuities based on clients’ specific needs and objectives
According to Annuities Genius CEO, David Novack, “Annuities Genius helps insurance agents, carriers, IMOs and other distributors meet their suitability and compliance obligations, and provides greater transparency on the process for a client.”
Annuities Genius™ is a comprehensive decision-making platform—not just another list of products and rates. We give you concise, digestible information so that you can get straight to making the decisions”. -David Novak, Annuities Genius 
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Annuity Concierge Experience

My Annuity Store, Inc. will continue to provide access to live fixed annuity rates and fixed index annuity rates at their online annuity store. “Our online annuity store is still a great place to shop and compare hundreds of annuity rates in real-time,” says Kiara Caudill, My Annuity Store Founder.

We aren’t taking anything away from our existing platform, our partnership with Annuities Genius is meant only to enhance our service offerings. While the Annuities Genius software is not yet client-facing our clients and visitors alike can schedule an “Annuity Concierge Shopping Experience” with one of our licensed advisors.  The Experience is complimentary; however, we do require a form to be completed 24 hours prior to our virtual meeting.  

We aren’t looking to capture any personal information or view this service as a way to acquire leads. At the same time, to keep this service free of charge and complimentary to everyone, we need to keep these Concierge Experiences to 30 minutes. Knowing a client’s general goals, age and specifics interests allows us to make it a quick, pleasurable experience for all involved.

For more details visit our Buying An Annuity Online page; there you’ll be able to access all required information as well as access our calendar to schedule your own Personalized Annuity Concierge Shopping Experience. Additionally, if you already know what type of annuity you are looking for, or want income annuity quotes, you can make annuity illustration requests here.

Annuity Rates Change Frequently

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