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Woman at Desk Holding Piggy Bank with U.S. coins spread out on desk - Annuity Rates Increasing March 1 2022

Annuity Rates Are Increasing In 2022

Annuity rates increase on March 1, 2022. Eighteen different annuity companies are raising their annuity rates after the Federal Reserve signaled it would begin to steadily raise interest rates in mid-March.

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Market Value Adjustment (MVA) Formula Infographic

Market Value Adjustment (MVA)

What is a Market Value Adjustment (MVA)? Market Value Adjustment (MVA) is an adjustment applied to withdrawals from an annuity contract in excess of the

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Compound Interest Calculator: Senior woman sitting at table with calculator, laptop and papers

Compound Interest Calculator

How Do You Calculate Compounding Interest? Compound (compounding) interest plays a very important role in financial planning.  A compounding interest calculator is a very useful

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Immediate Annuity Payouts: Senior woman helping senior man to use computer

Immediate Annuity Payouts

How Much Do Immediate Annuities Pay in 2021 A $100,000 Immediate Annuity would pay $449 monthly assuming you buy the annuity at age 65 and

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