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Company Profile

Group Affiliation: Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Group
State of Domicile: Ohio
NAIC Company Code: 63312
Year Founded: 1961

Website: GALIC Consumer Website
301 E Fourth Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Assets and Liabilities

Assets: $35,776,746,245
Liabilities: $32,879,554,457

Capital and Surplus: $2,897,191,788 Assets to Liability Ratio: 108.81%

Great American Life Insurance Company has been wholly or majority owned by American Financial Group since 1973. The company is licensed in 49 states and the District of Columbia. It primarily writes both qualified and non-qualified fixed annuity products. In 2006, Great American introduced fixed-indexed annuities and has ranked as a top provider of these retirement products ever since.

Great American markets themselves as producing simple, easy to understand fixed index annuity products and this strategy has brought them success. In 2019, Great American Life Insurance Company was number 10 in the United States for individual Fixed Index Annuity Sales issuing just over $3.6 Billion.

Contact Information

Customer Service Phone Number: 800.854.3649
Sales & Marketing Phone Number: 800.438.3398

Home Office Phone Number: 513-357-3300

Great American Financial Ratings

As of October 1, 2021


A.M. Best




Standard & Poor's

Out of 100

Comdex Score

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