The Best Fixed Annuity and CD Rates in Indiana

The Best Annuity and CD Rates in Indiana Picture of 3 glass jars filled with coins labeled savings, pension and retirement

The Best Annuity and CD Rates in Indiana

In this guide, we will compare the best CD rates to the best annuity rates in Indiana.


1 YEAR CD: 0.27%

18-MONTH CD: 0.20%

2-YEAR CD: 0.31%

5-YEAR CD: 0.39%

Today's Best CD Rates

Best 3 month CD Rates

Best 3-Month CD RatesRateTermMinimum
Spectrum Credit Union0.50% APY3 Months$500.00
Chevron Federal Credit Union0.50% APY3 Months$500.00
Navy Federal Credit Union0.40% APY3 Months$50

Best 6 month CD Rates

Best 6-Month CD RatesRateTermMinimum
CommunityWide FCU0.85% APY3 Months$500
Lafayette Federal Credit Union0.70% APY6 Months$500
NASA Federal Credit Union0.65% APY9 Months$10000

Best 2 Year CD Rates

2 Year CD RatesRateTermMinimum
Lafayette Federal Credit Union0.90% APY24 Months$500
MAC Federal Credit Union0.95% APY24 Months$500
SILAC Secure Savings Elite 22.15% APY24 Months$10,000
Oceanview Harbourview 21.80% APY24 Months$20,000

Best 3 Year CD Rates

Best 3-Year CD RatesRateTermMinimum
MAC FCU1.00% APY36 Months$500
Lafayette Federal Credit Union1.01% APY36 Months$500
Oceanview Harbourview 32.35% APY36 Months$20,000

Best 5 Year CD Rates

Best 5-Year CD RatesRateTermMinimum
Abound Credit Union1.35% APY60 Months $1,000
Lafayette Federal Credit Union1.26% APY60 Months$500
Atlantic Coast Life Safe Haven3.15% APY60 Months $5,000

Today's Best Fixed Annuity Rates by Term

2 yrsSILACSecure Savings Elite 22.15%B+NoneApply
3 yrsOceanviewHarbourview 32.50%A-0%/ 10%Apply
4 yrsNassauSimple Annuity2.70%B++5%Apply
5 yrsAtlantic Coast LifeSafe Harbor3.15%B++NoneApply
6 yrsAtlantic Coast LifeSafe Haven3.17%B++NoneApply
7 yrsSentinel SecurityPersonal Choice3.20%B++NoneApply
8 yrsAtlantic Coast LifeSafe Harbor3.20%B++Int. / 10%Apply
9 yrsLiberty BankersBankers Elite 93.00%B++NoneApply
10 yrsAtlantic Coast LifeSafe Haven3.25%B++NoneApply
Issued ByInsurance CompaniesBanks
Investment Amount$2,000 - $1,000,000Essentially Any Amount
Investment Term2 years - 10 years3 months - 5 years
Interest Rates (APY)Rates vary by product but usually higher than CDs.Varies by financial institution, term and investment amount.
LiquidityUsually, 10% annually or interest earned.Almost always accumulated interest.
GuaranteesBacked by claims-paying ability of issuing Insurer & State Guaranty Associations.Backed by the FDIC up to $250,000 per depositor, per institution.
Death BenefitPassed directly to the beneficiary without probate process.Probate process required.

We do our best to insure our rates are accurate but rates change frequently and we can not guarantee our published rates. We have sourced our CD rates from and our fixed annuity rates are sourced directly from each insurer. Before travelling to your local bank or credit union we suggest you visit their website or call them prior.

CD vs Fixed Annuity

The below table compares and contrasts some of the key similarities and differences between a CD and a multi-year guarantee annuity. The main difference is an annuity’s interest grows tax-deferred while the interest you earn in a CD is taxable in the year it is earned, regardless of whether or not you spend it.

CDs are Considered to be More Safe Than Annuities

Bank CDs are considered an extremely safe investment because the FDIC insures them up to $250,000.

Although annuities are not insured by the federal government, they’re also considered safe because they’re insured by the issuing insurance company and, in most cases, also by state guaranty associations. It is important to make sure your annuity is issued by a highly rated insurance company.

Annuities Almost Always Pay Higher Interest Rates than CDs

As seen in the tables above, annuity rates are typically higher than CD interest rates.

Annuities Grow Tax-Deferred

Annuities grow tax-deferred while CDs do not. Tax-deferred growth means the interest compounds, so you earn interest on the funds that would have been used to pay taxes.

The IRS requires that the earnings on CDs not held in tax-preferred retirement accounts are taxed annually. This means you pay taxes on interest earned in a CD whether you spend it or not. 


Both CDs and Annuities Offer Some Liquidity

Annuities are not as flexible as CDs, and they have higher penalties for early withdrawals greater than the contracts free withdrawal amount. Annuity annual free withdrawal amounts vary by company but are usually either 10% of the annuity account value or interest earned.

If you close a CD earlier than scheduled, the penalty you pay is lower than the penalty you would pay if you were to withdraw funds early from an annuity.

And whereas penalties for early withdrawals from a CD typically increase each time the CD is renewed, penalties for early withdrawals from an annuity are fixed.

In addition to the penalties imposed under the annuity contract, annuity owners under the age of 59½ must pay the IRS a penalty of 10 percent for early withdrawal from an annuity.


Most frequently asked questions and answers.

While not FDIC insured, State Guaranty Associations provide a safety net for their state’s annuity policyholders. These Guaranty Associations guarantee policyholders continue to receive coverage (up to the limits spelled out by state law) even if their insurer is declared insolvent. Source: “Learn to Invest, Investment Types, Annuities, Fixed Annuities.”  Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).  Visit FINRA’s Fixed Annuities Webpage

You can not lose money in a fixed annuity. However, guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company so it is important to consider an insurer’s financial rating when shopping for an annuity.

Fixed Annuities do not have any fees or expenses.

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