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Capital One Rates CD Rates Reviewed

Capital One Rates
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    Capital One CD Rates

    Capital One Bank provides personal savings accounts including competitive CD rates, money market accounts, and savings accounts. In this Capital One CD Rates Review, I will compare Capital One CD rates, savings account, and money market rates to other top bank rates in the United States as well as to CD Type annuity rates.

    Table of Contents

    Capital One CD Rates

    CD TermAPYMinimum
    6 Month CD3.30%$0
    9 Month CD0.10%$0
    12 Month CD4.15%$0
    18 Month CD4.25%$0
    24 Month CD4.30%$0
    30 Month CD0.25%$0
    36 Month CD0.60%$0
    48 Month CD4.20%$0
    60 Month CD4.10%$0

    Annual Percentage Yields (APY) are variable and effective as of 5/10/2023. CD rates are fixed upon opening the account. Early withdrawal penalties apply. The above terms are offered at this time and are subject to change.

    Calculations are based on interest that is accrued daily but paid and compounded monthly through the CD term. Calculations assume 30 days per month and that monthly interest is reinvested in the CD and results in the above table are rounded to the nearest dollar. Actual earnings may vary.

    Capital One 360 Savings Account Rates

    Capital One 360 Performance Savings is a high-yield, fee-free savings account you can open in about 5 minutes.

    TypeMinimum BalanceAPY
    360 Savings Account$0.010.40%

    APY = Annual Percentage Yield 

    There is no minimum balance to open the disclosed rate.

    Capital One Checking Account Rates

    TypeMinimum BalanceAPY
    360 Checking Account$0.010.40%

    Web access is needed to use mobile banking. Check with your service provider for details on specific fees and charges. Routine or unscheduled maintenance may impact accessibility. Mobile deposits are available only in the U.S. and U.S. territories.

    CDs vs Fixed Annuity

    A multi-year guaranteed annuity (MYGA) is essentially a CD that is issued by an insurance company rather than a bank. The table below compares and contrasts some of the key differences and similarities between the two.

    Issued ByInsurance CompaniesBanks
    Investment Amount$2,000 - $1,000,000Essentially Any Amount
    Investment Term2 years - 10 years3 months - 5 years
    Interest Rates (APY)Varies by product.Varies by bank, term and investment amount.
    LiquidityUsually, 10% annually or interest earned.Almost always accumulated interest.
    GuaranteesBacked by Insurer & State Guaranty Associations.Backed by the FDIC.
    Death BenefitMay avoid probate.Probate process required.

    Today's Best Guaranteed Annuity Rates

    Fixed annuity rates are guaranteed for a set number number of years.

    TermInsurerCompany DetailsRateAnnuity AM BestApplication
    2 YearsOceanview life and annuity logoOceanview Life5.25%Harbourview 2A-Apply
    3 YearsSecurity sentinel life logoSentinel Security5.90%Personal Choice/a>B++Apply
    4 YearsNassau logoNassau5.50%MyAnnuityB++Apply
    5 YearsIbexis annuity logoIbexis 6.15% SimpleMYGA PlusA-Apply
    6 YearsOxford life insurance company logoOxford Life5.60%Multi-SelectA-Apply
    7 YearsNassau logoNassau5.65%Platinum AssureB++Apply
    8 YearsEquitrust annuity logoEquiTrust5.50%Certainty SelectB++Apply
    9 YearsClear spring life and annuity logoClear Spring5.40%MYGA PreserveA-Apply
    10 YearsEquitrust annuity logoEquiTrust5.60%Certainty SelectB++Apply

    Today's Top CD Rates

    3 Month CD Rates

    Best 3-Month CD RatesAPYTermMinimum
    Signature Federal Credit Union5.55%3 Months$500
    Ponce Bank5.40%3 Months$1
    Western Alliance Bank5.41%3 Months$1

    12 Month CD Rates

    All In Credit Union5.85% APY12 Months$100,000
    My eBanc5.77% APY12 Months$100,000
    State Bank of Texas5.75% APY12 Months$50,000

    2 Year CD Rates

    Luana Savings Bank5.68% APY24 Months$100,000.00
    Maple Mark Bank5.40% APY24 Months$25,000.00
    Crescent Bank5.35% APY24 Months$1,000.00

    3 Year CD Rates

    Valley National Bank5.60%36 Months$500
    Bread Savings4.95%36 Months$1,500
    The State Exchange Bank4.70%36 Months$1

    4 Year CD Rates

    Bread Savings4.75%48 Months$1
    The State Exchange Bank4.50%48 Months$1
    Barclays4.45%48 Months$1

    5 Year CD Rates

    Farmers Insurance5.00%60 Months$1,000
    Schools First Credit Union4.75%60 Months$100,000
    Bread Savings4.75%60 Months$1,500

    Key Take-Aways

    A certificate of deposit is very similar to a fixed annuity. If you are looking for a safe and steady way to grow your retirement savings you can learn more about fixed CD Type Annuities here.

    If you would like a personalized annuity quote you can contact us or use one of our fixed annuity calculators to see how much an annuity would pay you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    While not FDIC insured, State Guaranty Associations provide a safety net for their state’s annuity policyholders. These Guaranty Associations guarantee policyholders continue to receive coverage (up to the limits spelled out by state law) even if their insurer is declared insolvent. Source: “Learn to Invest, Investment Types, Annuities, Fixed Annuities.”  Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).  Visit FINRA’s Fixed Annuities Webpage

    You can not lose money in a fixed annuity. However, guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company so it is important to consider an insurer’s financial rating when shopping for an annuity.

    Fixed Annuities do not have any fees or expenses unless you add an additional rider that was not mentioned on this page.

    Capital One Contact Information

    Capital One Phone Numbers
    Customer Service Phone Number: 1-877-383-4802   Small Business Customer Service Phone Number 1-888-755-2172

    Credit Card Payment Mailing Address:

    Capital One
    Attn: Payment Processing
    PO Box 71083
    Charlotte, NC 28272-1083

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