Understanding the Comdex Score Rating Scale

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What is a Comdex Score (Rating)?

In this guide, I will introduce you to the Comdex Score which is a rating method that combines financial strength ratings from multiple rating agencies to generate a single numerical score for life insurance and annuity companies.

I’ll highlight the advantages and limitations of utilizing the Comdex score when conducting your due diligence in selecting an insurance company. 

Company NameComdex Ranking
1 Northwestern Mutual Life Ins100
2 New York Life Ins Co100
3 New York Life Ins & Ann100
4 Thrivent Finl for Lutherans100
5 Berkshire Hathaway Life of NE100
6 Life Ins Co of North America100
7 Berkshire Life Ins Co of Amer100
8 New York Life Group Ins Co NY100
9 Northwestern Long Term Care100
10 Teachers Ins & Ann Assn99
11 Guardian Life Ins Co of Amer99
12 USAA Life Ins Co99
13 Guardian Ins & Ann Co99
14 General Re Life Corporation99
15 USAA Life Ins Co of NY99
16 Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins98
17 State Farm Life Ins Co98
18 Knights of Columbus98
19 C.M. Life Ins Co98
20 MML Bay State Life Ins Co98
21 State Farm Life & Acc Assur Co98
22 TIAA-CREF Life Ins Co97
23 Sun Life Assur96
24 Allianz Life Ins Co of NA96
25 Empower Ann Ins Co96
26 Empower Ann Ins Co of Amer96
27 Minnesota Life Ins Co96
28 Western-Southern Life Assur Co96
29 Western & Southern Life Ins Co96
30 Integrity Life Ins Co96
31 Empower Life & Ann of NY96
32 Lafayette Life Ins Co96
33 National Integrity Life Ins Co96
34 Allianz Life Ins of New York96
35 Columbus Life Ins Co96
36 Securian Life Ins Co96
37 Sun Life & Health Ins Co US96
38 Metropolitan Life Ins Co95
39 Prudential Ins Co of America95
40 Pacific Life Ins Co95
41 Pruco Life Ins Co95
42 Metropolitan Tower Life Ins Co95
43 American United Life Ins Co95
44 Hannover Life Reassur Amer95
45 Swiss Re Life & Health America95
46 State Life Ins Co95
47 Munich American Reassur Co95
48 Pacific Life & Ann Co95
49 MassMutual Ascend Life Ins Co94
50 Pruco Life Ins Co of NJ94
51 Banner Life Ins Co94
52 Protective Life & Ann Ins94
53 William Penn Life Ins Co of NY94
54 John Hancock Life Ins Co (USA)93
55 Protective Life Ins Co93
56 Penn Mutual Life Ins Co93
57 UnitedHealthcare Ins Co93
58 John Hancock Life & Health Ins93
59 John Hancock Life Ins Co of NY93
60 Amer Fam Life Assur Columbus93
61 Penn Ins & Ann Co93
62 West Coast Life Ins Co93
63 Ann Investors Life Ins Co93
64 Primerica Life Ins Co93
65 HCC Life Ins Co93
66 First Reliance Standard Life93
67 Principal Life Ins Co91
68 RGA Reins Co91
69 Fidelity Investments Life Ins91
70 Reliance Standard Life Ins Co91
71 American Life Ins Co91
72 MONY Life Ins Co91
73 Empire Fidelity Investments Life91
74 Companion Life Ins Co91
75 Dearborn Life Ins Co91
76 Amer Fam Life Assur Co of NY91
77 Principal National Life Ins Co91
78 Vantis Life Ins Co91
79 Penn Ins & Ann Co of NY91
80 United World Life Ins Co91
81 Dearborn Natl Life Ins of NY91
82 Nationwide Life Ins Co90
83 RiverSource Life Ins Co90
84 Nationwide Life & Ann Ins90
85 United of Omaha Life Ins Co90
86 Life Ins Co of the Southwest90
87 Hartford Life & Acc Ins90
88 National Life Ins Co90
89 Mutual of Omaha Ins Co90
90 RiverSource Life Ins Co of NY90
91 PartnerRe Life Re Co of Amer90
92 Midland National Life Ins Co89
93 North American Co for L&H Ins89
94 Cincinnati Life Ins Co89
95 Wilton Reassur Co87
96 Wilton Reassur Life of NY87
97 Wilcac Life Ins Co87
98 Texas Life Ins Co87
99 Zurich American Life Ins Co86
100 Liberty National Life Ins Co84
101 Globe Life And Acc Ins Co83
102 American Income Life Ins Co83
103 United American Ins Co83
104 Equitable Finl Life Ins Co82
105 Transamerica Life Ins Co82
106 Athene Ann & Life Co82
107 Athene Ann & Life Assur Co82
108 Standard Ins Co82
109 Transamerica Finl Life Ins Co82
110 Equitable Finl Life of America82
111 Athene Ann & Life Assur NY82
112 Voya Retirement Ins & Ann Co81
113 Everlake Life Ins Co81
114 Modern Woodmen of America81
115 Lincoln National Life Ins Co80
116 American General Life Ins Co80
117 Variable Ann Life Ins Co80
118 United States Life Ins in NY80
119 Lincoln Life & Ann Co NY80
120 SCOR Global Life Americas Re80
121 Symetra Life Ins Co79
122 CMFG Life Ins Co79
123 Ameritas Life Ins Corp.79
124 Brighthouse Life Ins Co of NY79
125 American Memorial Life Ins Co79
126 Ameritas Life Ins Corp. of NY79
127 SCOR Global Life USA Re Co79
128 MEMBERS Life Ins Co79
129 SCOR Global Life Re Co of DE79
130 Connecticut General Life Ins78
131 ReliaStar Life Ins Co78
132 ReliaStar Life Ins Co of NY78
133 AGC Life Ins Co77
134 American Family Life Ins Co77
135 Cigna Worldwide Ins Co77
136 Brighthouse Life Ins Co76
137 Cigna Health & Life Ins Co76
138 Horace Mann Life Ins Co76
139 New England Life Ins Co76
140 First Penn-Pacific Life Ins Co76
141 Amer Bankers Life Assur Co FL76
142 Commonwealth Ann & Life75
143 Forethought Life Ins Co75
144 American National Ins Co75
145 Accordia Life & Ann Co75
146 First Allmerica Financial Life75
147 Pan-American Life Ins Co75
148 Amer Natl Life Ins Co of NY75
149 Provident Life & Casualty75
150 Blue Shield of CA Life & Hlth75
151 Pan-American Assur Co75
152 Jackson National Life Ins Co74
153 Unum Life Ins Co of Amer74
154 Jackson Natl Life Ins Co of NY74
155 Provident Life & Acc74
156 First Unum Life Ins Co74
157 First Symetra Nat Life Ins NY74
158 Colonial Life & Acc Ins74
159 Pacific Guardian Life Ins Co74
160 Paul Revere Life Ins Co74
161 Humana Ins Co of Kentucky74
162 Aetna Life Ins Co73
163 Mutual of America Life Ins Co73
164 Bankers Life & Casualty Co73
165 Washington National Ins Co73
166 Colonial Penn Life Ins Co73
167 Bankers Conseco Life Ins Co73
168 Unum Ins Co73
169 Fidelity & Guar Life Ins Co71
170 National Western Life Ins Co71
171 Savings Bank Mutual Life of MA71
172 Fidelity & Guar Life Ins of NY71
173 USAble Life71
174 Americo Finl Life & Ann70
175 AuguStar Life Insurance Compan69
176 AuguStar Life Assurance Corpora69
177 Health Net Life Ins Co69
178 Security Life of Denver Ins Co68
179 Fortitude Life Ins & Ann68
180 United Ins Co of America60
181 United Life Ins Co59
182 Guaranty Income Life Ins Co59
183 Talcott Resolution Life Ins Co57
184 Talcott Resolution L&A Ins Co57
185 Amer Equity Invest Life Ins Co56
186 Security Benefit Life Ins Co56
187 S.USA Life Ins Co56
188 Eagle Life Ins Co56
189 SBLI USA Life Ins Co56
190 GCU56
191 Shenandoah Life Ins Co56
192 Gleaner Life Ins Society56
193 Aspida Life Ins Co56
194 United Heritage Life Ins Co56
195 First Security Benefit L&A NY56
196 Life of the South Ins Co56
197 Reliable Life Ins Co56
198 Union National Life Ins Co56
199 Bankers Life Ins Co of LA56
200 Southern Financial Life Ins Co56
201 Delaware Life Ins Co55
202 Union Security Ins Co52
203 EquiTrust Life Ins Co50
204 ShelterPoint Life Ins Co49
205 Natl Security Life & Ann49
206 Amer Equity Invest Life of NY49
207 Lincoln Benefit Life Co48
208 Baltimore Life Ins Co48
209 Catholic Order of Foresters48
210 CL Life & Ann Ins Co48
211 Investors Heritage Life Ins Co39
212 ELCO Mutual Life & Ann39
213 SILAC Ins Co35
214 Genworth Life Ins Co32
215 Genworth Life & Ann Ins32
216 Genworth Life Ins Co of NY32

A Best’ s Financial Strength Rating opinion addresses the relative ability of an insurer to meet its ongoing insurance obligations. It is not a warranty of a company’s financial strength and ability to meet its obligations to policyholders.

View an Important Notice: Best’s Credit Ratings for a disclaimer notice and complete details at: https://web.ambest.com/ratings-servicesAll ratings shown are current as of May 15, 2024. Powered by VitalSales Suite, a product of Zinnia Distributor Solutions LLC.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Comdex Score combines all of an insurance company’s ratings into a single numerical score making it easier to compare  insurance companies financial strength.
  •  A Comdex Score of 85 means an insurance company is ranked higher than 84% of all insurance companies; or you could say, lower than 15% of all rated companies.

The Comdex Rating Scale

The Comdex is not a rating from an individual rating agency but a composite of all the ratings an insurance company has received from the five main insurance company rating agencies.

There are five main insurance company rating agencies whose Insurance Company Ratings are widely accepted:

  1. A.M. Best
  2. Moody’s
  3. Weiss
  4. Standard & Poor’s
  5. Fitch

The Comdex score was created to take those ratings from A.M. Best, Moody’s, Fitch, and Standard & Poor’s and place them all on a level playing field. The idea here is to take a sort of ‘average’ number, then find out where the carrier ranks among the others based on that ‘average.’

In order to be assigned a Comdex Score, an insurance company must have a rating assigned by at least two of the five main rating agencies listed above.

A Composite Index Rating Scale

The Comdex Rating then puts each company into a single, 100-point scale. This method creates a percentile in which to place each company.

The higher the percentile, the higher the company’s overall rankings among the other private rating companies.

Many individuals shopping for an insurance product find it much easier to look at a score on a scale of 1-100 than to try to understand four different rating scales and their methodology. 

Below is a sample insurance company financial chart that shows different ratings available from each of the five main rating agencies, and once lesser-known agencies (KBRA).

The Comdex Score takes all of these into account when creating a single Comdex Score from 1 to 100.

Ratings chart showing financial ratings that are combined using the Comdex Score

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The Comdex Score: Rating Insurers on a 100-Point Scale

The 100-point scale puts the credit rating scores in context as it allows you to see how a company compares to its competitors based on what percentile it falls into.

For Example, a Comdex Score of 85 means the insurer is in the top 15th percentile. Or another way of putting it – rated superior to 84 percent of insurance companies.

To be assigned a number, the Comdex Score first takes a complete count of all rated companies.

Next, each individual rating agency’s full list of carriers is counted and divided by how many carriers were in each category.

For example, if A.M. Best rated 100 carriers and only five were able to obtain the top rate, those five would be in the 100th percentile. If another 20 got the second-highest score, they would be in the next percentile, and so on.

How is the Comdex Rating Calculated?

After the four agencies have their lists compiled, sorted, and calculated for carriers’ scores, the scores are then tallied up and averaged for the carriers.

He is a specific example:

Let’s say XYZ insurance company was in the 90th percentile for A.M. Best, the 85th percentile for Fitch and the 80th percentile for Moody’s, the average of the three would be a Comdex score of 85 (90+85+80=255, 255/3=85).

While, once again, this cannot be the only number you can rely on, it does help to find what percentile a company is in with a somewhat fair amount of data.

Rather than trying to compile all the life insurance providers on your radar, comparing their scores across rating companies, then seeing how they stand up against their competitors, you can simply check the percentile in which each company falls.

Understanding Financial Profiles


The Comdex score is only available in VitalSigns, a product of EbixExchange. If you’d like to review more company-specific information for Ebix, they are listed on the NASDAQ Global Market (ticker symbol – EBIX).

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Committed to its endeavor to answer the ever-increasing needs of Insurance organizations all over the world; Ebix is a leading international supplier of on-demand infrastructure exchanges to the insurance, financial, and healthcare industries.

In the Insurance sector, the Company’s main focus is to develop and deploy a wide variety of insurance and reinsurance exchanges on an on-demand basis.


VitalSigns provides carrier financials and ratings for a little over 500 insurance companies. VitalSigns quickly and reliably qualifies a carrier’s financial strength in a variety of easy-to-understand reports.

  • Reliable Data – VitalSigns uses yearly financials reported to the NAIC and ratings from the 5 leading rating services with a Comdex ranking to help interpret the ratings.
  • Time-Savings Features – VitalSigns aggregates all the ratings and financial data and creates a report showing a carrier’s financial strength. In addition, financial charts and tables provide a more in-depth look into the overall health of each insurance company.

You’ll find total assets & liabilities, invested asset distribution, non-performing assets, 5-year investment returns, and bond quality in addition to financial ratings from each of the major agencies.

Insurance companies are required to report annual statements to the government. This data is used to monitor the financial health of insurers and protect the interests of consumers.

VitalSigns provides this data, for 500 companies. These statements, filed in March, contain data for the previous year. VitalSigns releases new financials each spring.

Using these yearly financials reported to the NAIC and ratings from the five leading rating agencies, VitalSigns establishes a Comdex Score (or ranking) to help you interpret the ratings.

VitalSigns includes explanations for each rating and a chart that compares the ratings by each service.

An AM Best A+ is quite different from a Standard & Poor’s A+.

Comdex – Our exclusive composite index, Comdex, gives you a quick summary of a carrier’s ratings and shows you how they stack up.

Numerical Equivalent – A number in parenthesis next to each rating quickly tells you where that rating fits on the scale for that rating service. A+ (2) tells you this is the second-best rating for AM Best.

Rating Chart – A rating chart compares the ratings for each rating service, so you can quickly compare.

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