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Annuities Genius™ is a comprehensive decision-making platform—not just another list of products and rates. We give you concise, digestible information so that you can get straight to making the decisions”.

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Our Income Rider Calculator will find the highest income for you.

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In an effort to promote transparency we’ll create side by side comparison reports.

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Annuities are designed to reduce risk not increase it. As uncertainty persists and volatility creeps back into the markets an our mission to help you have peace of mind.

Fixed Annuities

Provide a guaranteed interest rate for a set period of time (usually 2 to 10 years).

Fixed Index Annuity

Provides potential to earn more interest when the market performs and downside protection from a potential downturn.

Income Annuities

Convert a portion of your savings to a monthly income guaranteed to last a set number of years of for your lifetime.

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