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Fidelity & Guaranty Guarantee Platinum 3

FG Guarantee Platinum 3 Brochure Cover

F&G Guarantee Platinum 3 Annuity

Minimum Deposit: $20,000 | 4.50% APY

F&G Guarantee Platinum 3 is a retirement savings tool for people who would like to grow their savings steadily over 3 years.

F&G Guarantee Platinum Annuity Review

Not available in CA, CT, ID, MT, NJ, NY, NC, OK, PR, VT, VI

Visit our online annuity marketplace to view and compare more Fixed Annuity Rates. If you’d like an opportunity for more upside potential while maintaining principle protection you may want to consider a fixed index annuity.

F&G Annuity vs. Today's Top 3 Year Fixed Annuity Products

TermInsurerAnnuityRateAM BestApply Online
3 Years Atlantic coast life annuity logo Atlantic Coast LifeSafe Haven5.63%B++
3 Years Farmers life annuity logo Farmers LifeSafeguard Plus5.50%B++
3 Years Silac insurance company logo
SILACSecure Savings Elite5.50%B+
3 Years American life logo American LifeAmerican Classic5.35%B++

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Jason Caudill, MBA

Jason Caudill, MBA

Jason Caudill is President of My Annuity Store, Inc. and has distributed more than $1.5 Billion of annuities during his career. He believes a lack of access to educational materials and annuity products has hindered the widespread adoption of these strategies in the United States. Jason has been a student of annuities since the age of 21 when was an intern for New York Life Insurance Company. His mission is to help change the way annuities are bought and sold.

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