How Much Does a $100,000 Annuity Pay Per Month

How Much Does a $100,000 Annuity Pay Per Month?

A $100,000 Annuity would pay you $472 per month for the rest of your life if you purchased the annuity at age 65 and began taking your monthly payments in 30 days.

How much does an annuity pay per month? This guide will provide tell you how much guaranteed monthly income annuities an annuity will pay you per month.

Using the latest annuity calculators and quoting software I’ve researched 1017 annuity products, 302 annuity income riders from 56 of the top insurance companies to calculate exactly how much monthly income an annuity will pay.

How much does a $100,000 annuity pay per month?

The below annuity charts show how much monthly guaranteed income a fixed index annuity with an income rider would pay immediately if purchased at age 60, 65, and 70.

A $100,000 Annuity Payouts for a 60 Year Old

Nassau Re$412$4,940B+.95%
Great American$398$4,770A+1.15%

A $100,000 Annuity Payouts for a 65 Year Old

Sentinel Security Life$459$5,508B++1.05%

Immediate Income for a 70 Year Old

Sentinel Security Life$504$6,048B++1.05%
Global Atlantic$500$6,000A1.00%

How Much Does a $350,000 Annuity Pay Per Month?

Below are the top three annuity products for a $350,000 deposit at age 62 with income beginning immediately at age 67 and age 72.

Income NowIncome in Five YearsIncome in Ten Years
AIG Assured Edge $18,900National Western Ultra $28,008ANICO Century Plus $39,984
Great American PIB $17,437American General PP $27,891American General PP $39,331
Athene Ascent Pro B $16,800Athene Ascent Pro Bonus $26,775National Western Ultra $38,996

When you purchase an indexed annuity with an income rider you are not given up control of your money like when you purchase an immediate annuity.

  • This means you do not give up control of your asset and have more flexibility should your needs or plans change. All of the numbers provided up until this point are for a deferred fixed index annuity with an income rider, not annuitization.

How are Annuity Payouts Determined?

Your guaranteed lifetime annuity income payment is determined by the following:

  • Age when you purchase the annuity
  • Age when you begin taking annuity payments
  • How long do you defer income payments after purchasing the annuity
  • Gender (only affects annuitization)
  • The income payout option you select (single life, joint life, etc.)
  • The Financial Rating of the Annuity Company

Single Premium Immediate Annuity Payments

A $100,000 Immediate Annuity would pay a male $449 per month for the rest of his life if he purchased it at the age of 65 and began income immediately. A 65-year-old female would receive slightly lower annuity payments of $421 per month if she were to purchase the same immediate annuity.

Income Payments for a $100,000 Immediate Annuity

The below table lists how much a $100,000 single premium immediate annuity pays per month for a 65-year-old male, female, and a joint payout for a 65-year-old couple with income payments beginning immediately (30 days after the contract is issued).

You’ll notice the monthly income for women is slightly less than it is for a male. This is because women have a longer life expectancy than men so the insurance company assumes they will have to pay females for longer than males.

The joint-life option guarantees the income amount for as long as either spouse is alive.

Immediate Annuity Payout Rates for a 60-Year-Old

Annuitization Income Option at 60MaleFemaleJoint- Life
Life Only$395$375$357
Life with Cash Refund$367$351$338

Immediate Annuity Payout Rates for a 65-Year-Old

Annuitization Income Option at 65MaleFemaleJoint-Life
Life Only$449$421$389
Life with Cash Refund$401$382$368

The above numbers are the highest immediate annuity payouts offered from an A+ Rated Insurance Company using the single life only payout option at the time this was written. 

When you purchase an immediate annuity you are essentially converting a lump sum into a series of guaranteed income payments and give up control of the asset. Due to the current interest rate environment, annuitization typically isn’t the first choice because today’s income riders provide more income and more flexibility.

However, there are certain situations in which an immediate annuity makes sense and is a useful tool. Not an investment but a tool. Examples include:

  • When attempting to “Spend-down” for Medicaid Eligibility
  • As an “income bridge” to cover living expenses in order to delay Social Security to age 70
  • As an income source for a certain period to convert traditional IRA to a ROTH using “bracket-bumping method.”
  • For “spendthrifts” 
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Over “charitable” parents or grandparents

Immediate Annuity Payouts

There are different income annuity payout options available to you. We’ve already mentioned a couple of the options throughout this guide; below is a comprehensive list of all the payout options offered in an income annuity.

  • Life Only: payments stop at death (or later of two deaths for joint).
  • Joint life only: payments stop at the latter of two deaths.
  • Life with Cash Refund: optional on life only or joint-life only payout that will pay your beneficiaries the difference between the original purchase amount and the sum of all payments received upon insured’s death or death.
  • Life with Period Certain: optional on life only or joint-life only payout that guarantees to make payments for at least a certain number of years. Payments will continue to beneficiaries if the insured passes away during this period of time.
  • Period Certain Only: Will pay you for only a specific number of years; income is not guaranteed for life.

Annuity Rates

Not all annuities are designed to generate lifetime income. A fixed annuity provides a safe and steady way to grow your retirement savings during the accumulation phase.

Not only do fixed annuities provide a guaranteed interest rate for a set period of time, but they also allow your earnings to accumulate tax-deferred. 

The table below lists the best-fixed annuity rates available today by the length of the term.

Annuity Calculators

If you’d like to run an annuity quote on your own visit our annuity calculators page where you can access 17 different annuity calculators immediately. 

If you’d like you may request a personalized annuity quote here. We will complete all requests within 24 business hours. If your request is of urgent nature you may contact us at 855-583-1104 between the hours of 8:00 and 5:30 EST Monday thru Friday and we’ll expedite your request. 

Frequently Asked Questions

All annuities have the ability to be turned into a guaranteed lifetime income; however, many types of annuities are purchased only for accumulation. Income Annuities are those that are designed specifically to generate a lifetime income stream. The 3 types are:

  1. Immediate annuity (provides guaranteed, lifelong income starting 1-12 months after purchase)
  2. Deferred Immediate Annuity (DIA), or Longevity, annuity (provides guaranteed, lifelong income starting 2-40 years after purchase)
  3. Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract or QLAC (a longevity annuity purchased with IRA funds starting after age 72)
  4. Deferred annuity with a lifetime income rider

Single Premium Immediate Annuities do not charge a fee. However, there is a fee to add a guaranteed income rider to a deferred annuity. The fee comes out of your account value and does not reduce your annuity payments.

Generally speaking, the best time to purchase an annuity intended to generate lifetime income is 10 years prior to taking lifetime income payments. So if your desired retirement age is 65, you should purchase your income annuity at age 55 or shortly thereafter to maximize the benefits provided by lifetime income riders.

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