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Navy Federal Credit Union: Savings & CD Rates

Navy Federal Credit Union Logo CD Rates & Review Featured Image

Navy Federal Credit Union CD Rates

Since 1933, Navy Federal Credit Union has grown from 7 members to over 10 million members. And, since that time, their vision statement has remained focused on serving their very unique field of membership: 

“Be the most preferred and trusted financial institution serving the military and their families.”

In this review, we will compare Navy Federal Credit Unions’ money market, savings account, and CD rates to the other leading financial institutions in America.

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Navy Federal Credit Union CD Rates

Navy Federal Credit Union Certificates of Deposit (CDs) allow you to plan out your savings by providing guaranteed returns that you can access on a set maturity date.

APY as high as 0.95%
Minimum Deposit as low as $1,000
Term 3 Months to 7 Years


  • Variety of terms and minimum balance options
  • No maximum purchase amount
  • Longer maturities earn higher dividends

Best For:

  • Individuals who want to earn at a higher dividend rate
  • Individuals who don’t need flexible access to savings
  • Individuals who are interested in making a single deposit

Navy Federal CD Rates

CD Term$1k Minimum$100k Minimum
3 Month0.40%0.45%
6 Month0.45%0.50%
12 Month0.55%0.60%
18 Month0.55%0.60%
24 Month0.55%0.60%
3 Year0.70%0.75%
5 Year0.90%0.95%
7 Year0.90%0.95%

The APY is an annualized rate that reflects estimated dividend earnings based on the dividend rate and frequency of compounding. 
Penalties apply for early withdrawals from certificate accounts. Offering rates may change. Dividends compounded daily, credited monthly. 1 

This APY is accurate as of 10/11/2021. This APY is an annualized rate that reflects estimated earnings based on the dividend rate and frequency of compounding. Dividends compounded daily, credited monthly. Penalties may apply for early withdrawals from certificate accounts. Offering rates may change.

NFCU Money Market Rates

Minimum DepositAPY
$0 to $2,4990.00%
$2,500 to $9,9990.40%
$10,000 to $24,9990.45%
$25,000 to $49,9990.45%
$50,000 and over0.45%
$100,000 to $249,9990.50%
$250,000 and over0.50%

Rates apply to the entire balance, not just the amount over the tier threshold.
Monthly compounded, monthly credited.

CDs vs Fixed Annuity

A multi year guaranteed annuity (MYGA) is essentially a CD that is issued by an insurance company rather than a bank. The table below compares and contrasts some of the key differences and similarities between the two.

Issued ByInsurance CompaniesBanks
Investment Amount$2,000 - $1,000,000Essentially Any Amount
Investment Term2 years - 10 years3 months - 5 years
Interest Rates (APY)Varies by product.Varies by bank, term and investment amount.
LiquidityUsually, 10% annually or interest earned.Almost always accumulated interest.
GuaranteesBacked by Insurer & State Guaranty Associations.Backed by the FDIC.
Death BenefitMay avoid probate.Probate process required.

Today's Best Guaranteed Annuity Rates

Fixed annuity rates are guaranteed for a set number number of years.

Today's Top CD Rates

3 Month CD Rates

Best 3-Month CD RatesRateTermMinimum
Spectrum Credit Union 0.50% APY3 Months$500.00
Navy Federal Credit Union0.40% APY3 Months$1,000.00
Chevron Federal Credit Union0.50% APY3 Months$500.00
Luana Savings Bank0.55% APY3 Months$1,000.00

12 Month CD Rates

Best 12 Month CD RatesRateMinimum
Citibank2.50% APY$1,000.00
Live Oak 1.75% APY$2,500.00
Limelight Bank1.25% APY$1,000.00
Lafayette Federal Credit Union0.80% APY$5,000.00

2 Year CD Rates

Best 2-Year CD RatesRateTermMinimum
Oceanview Harbourview Annuity3.50% APY24 Months$20,000
Connexus Credit Union 2.86% APY24 Months$5,000
Popular Direct2.30% APY 24 Months$10,000
BMO Harris2.25% APY24 Months$1,000
PenFed Credit Union1.25% APY24 Months$1,000

3 Year CD Rates

Best 3-Year CD RatesRateTermMinimum
Synergy Choice4.20% APY36 Months$100,000
Connexus Credit Union 3.01% APY36 Months$5,000
My Banking Direct1.40% APY36 Months$500
Lafayette Federal Credit Union1.01% APY36 Months500

4 Year CD Rates

Best 4-Year CD RatesRateTermMinimum
Nassau Simple Annuity4.35% APY48 Months$10,000
Connexus Credit Union 3.11% APY48 Months$5,000
NASA Federal Credit Union1.70% APY48 Months$500
Teachers Federal Credit Union1.30% APY48 Months$1000

5 Year CD Rates

Best 5-Year CD RatesRateTermMinimum
Ibexis MYGA Plus Annuity5.10% APY60 Months$25,000
Connexus Credit Union3.21% APY60 Months$5,000
BMO Harris2.80% APY60 Months$1,000
Teachers Federal Credit Union1.65% APY60 Months$1000

Key Take-Aways

A certificate of deposit is very similar to a fixed annuity. If you are looking for a safe and steady way to grow your retirement savings you can learn more about fixed “CD Type Annuities” here.

If you would like a personalized annuity quote you can contact us or use one of our fixed annuity calculators to see how much an annuity would pay you.


While not FDIC insured, State Guaranty Associations provide a safety net for their state’s annuity policyholders. These Guaranty Associations guarantee policyholders continue to receive coverage (up to the limits spelled out by state law) even if their insurer is declared insolvent. Source: “Learn to Invest, Investment Types, Annuities, Fixed Annuities.”  Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).  Visit FINRA’s Fixed Annuities Webpage

You can not lose money in a fixed annuity. However, guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company so it is important to consider an insurer’s financial rating when shopping for an annuity.

Fixed Annuities do not have any fees or expenses unless you add an additional rider that was not mentioned on this page.

Navy Federal’s Routing Number is: 256074974

Navy Federal Contact Info

Phone Support

Talk to a real person anytime. Navy Federal has stateside member reps available 24/7.
International: 1-703-255-8837 (collect)
Other important phone numbers


NFCU Business Solutions

Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, ET.

Find a Navy Federal Credit Union branch near you.

Jason Caudill, MBA

Jason Caudill, MBA

Jason is passionate about annuities and the important role they can play inside a retirement portfolio. He's distributed more than $1.5 Billion in annuities over a 17-year career; serving in many roles, including RVP at the largest independent Annuity Brokerage Firm, VP of Marketing at a top Insurance Company, and Regional Director in the Private Client Group at a Fortune 500 Company.

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