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Oceanview Life and Annuity Company Profile

Oceanview life and annuity logo It is Oceanview Life and Annuity’s goal to provide peace of mind and financial strength to the agents in recommending its annuities to their clients and to their policyholders in meeting their financial goals by purchasing an Oceanview Annuity.

Oceanview’s executive leaders have extensive experience working at major financial service businesses in the United States, including life and annuity insurers, actuarial consulting firms, investment managers, and global banks.

That management experience allows Oceanview to have the right approach in structuring its annuity products in a way to satisfy the needs of a broad group of policyholders.

Group Affiliation: None
State of Domicile: Colorado
NAIC Company Code: 68446
Year Founded: 1965

Website: https://oceanviewlife.com/
410 N 44th Street, Suite 210, Phoenix, AZ 85008

Oceanview Life Financial Strength

Oceanview Life and Annuity Company are rated A- by A.M. Best (Excellent), which ranks the fourth highest of 16 financial rankings.

Oceanview Asset Management, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bayview Asset Management, serves as Oceanview Life’s investment manager. Oceanview Life and Annuity Company sees unique synergies of Bayview’s asset origination and investment management capabilities with the underwriting of fixed annuity products.

These synergies provide both strong capital support and flexible liquidity for the insurer. As of November 2020, Bayview oversees approximately $16 billion in assets under management.

Assets & Liabilities

Oceanview assets and liabilities picture that shows assets, liabilities, surplus, risk based capital and am best rating as of 12/31/2022.
May not be available in all states. A.M. Best Rating as of November 18, 2021, subject to change. A- (Excellent) rating is fourth highest of fifteen possible rating classes for financial strength.

Oceanview Annuities

Oceanview Harbourview Features

Premium Requirements: Minimum $20,000

Issue Age: 0 through 89 (non-qualified and qualified assets)

Multi-Year Guaranteed Period Options: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10 Years

Withdrawals: 10% of Contract Value on or after the first year of Contract anniversary without Surrender Change penalty.

Minimum Withdrawal Amount = $250

Death Benefit: Account Value (No MVA or Surrender Charges) or Spousal continuation option

20 Day Free Look period to cancel your contract: You may cancel the contract by sending it back to the issuing company. Upon cancellation, the company will return the purchase payment to you. Some states allow for 30 days of Free Look.

Contact Info

Oceanview Agents

For Questions in regards to Sales or Product, please call your Marketing Group or the Oceanview Sales and Marketing Team at 1-833-656-7455.

Sales Office:
410 N, 44th Street, Suite 210
Phoenix, Arizona 85008
Phone Number: 1- (833) 656-7455


Oceanview Policyholders

For Questions in regards to Agent Appointments or Policy Information, please call the Oceanview Administrative Office at 1-888-295-3815.

Administrative Office Adress:
P.O. Box 830
Grimes, IA 50111-0830
Oceanview Phone Number for Policyholders: 1- (888) 295- 3815
Fax: (888) 417-3702

Free Oceanview Annuity Quote

Policy form numbers and provisions may vary. This material is a general description intended for general public, educational use. Oceanview Life and Annuity Company is not providing investment advice for any individual or in any individual situation, and therefore nothing in this correspondence should be read as such. Please reach out to your financial professional if you have any questions. Rates are guaranteed depending on the guarantee period selected at the policy issue. All annuity features, risks, limitations, and costs should be considered prior to purchasing an annuity within a tax-qualified retirement plan. Annuities issued by Oceanview Life and Annuity Company, 410 N. 44th St., Suite 210, Phoenix, AZ 85008. Www.oceanviewlife.com. Neither Oceanview Life and Annuity Company nor any of its representatives may provide tax or legal advice. While care was taken in compiling this information, the Company reserves the right to correct any typographical errors that may exist. In California, doing business as Oceanview Life and Annuity Insurance Company. HARBOURVIEW ANNUITIES ARE PRODUCTS OF THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY AND NOT GUARANTEED BY ANY BANK NOR INSURED BY THE FDIC OR NCUA/NCUSIF OR ANY OTHER FEDERAL GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY. MAY LOSE VALUE. NO BANK/CREDIT UNION GUARANTEE. NOT A DEPOSIT. MAY ONLY BE OFFERED BY A LICENSED INSURANCE AGENT. GUARANTEES ARE SUBJECT TO THE CLAIM PAYING ABILITY OF THE ISSUING INSURANCE COMPANY.

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