Insurance Company Ratings Charts

Insurance company financial ratings are important because they are an indicator of an insurer’s ability to honor its commitments to its policyholders.

An insurance company rating chart lists an insurance company’s financial ratings issued by the four primary insurance rating agencies and their Comdex Rating (if applicable). Insurance company financial ratings are important because they are an indicator of an insurer’s ability to honor its commitments to its policyholders.

The table below lists the AM Best Rating and Comdex Score for most of the Top Life Insurance and Annuity Companies you’ll encounter. You can sort by company name, AM Best Rating, Comdex Score, and also search the table.

Insurance Co.STAM BestS&PMoody'sFitchWeissComdex
Zurich American Life Ins Co NYNYNRC (8)
Zurich American Life Ins CoILA+ (2)A (6)A3 (7)C- (9)81
Woodmen of the World Life SocNEA+ (2)
Wilton Reassur Life of NYNYA+ (2)A+ (5)C (8)90
Wilton Reassur CoMNA+ (2)A+ (5)D+ (10)90
William Penn Life Ins Co of NYNYA+ (2)AA- (4)AA- (4)C (8)94
William Penn AssociationPAB++ (5)
Wilco Life Ins CoINA+ (2)A+ (5)C (8)90
Wilcac Life Ins CoILA+ (2)C (8)
Wichita National Life Ins CoOKB+ (6)C- (9)
Westport Life Ins CoAZNR
Western-Southern Life AssurOHA+ (2)AA- (4)Aa3 (4)AA (3)B (5)96
Western United Life Assur CoWAB+ (6)B- (6)
Western American Life Ins CoTXD+ (10)
Western & Southern Life Ins CoOHA+ (2)AA- (4)Aa3 (4)AA (3)B (5)96
West Coast Life Ins CoNEA+ (2)AA- (4)A1 (5)A+ (5)B- (6)91
Washington National Ins CoINA- (4)A- (7)A3 (7)A- (7)D+ (10)62
Voya Retirement Ins & Ann CoCTNRA+ (5)A2 (6)A (6)B+ (4)80
Versant Life Ins CoMSA- (4)B- (6)
Variable Ann Life Ins CoTXA (3)A+ (5)A2 (6)A+ (5)B (5)82
Vantis Life Ins Co of NYNYA+ (2)B (5)
Vantis Life Ins CoCTA+ (2)C+ (7)
USIC Life Ins CoPRB++ (5)C (8)
USAble LifeARA (3)A- (7)A- (3)75
USAA Life Ins Co of NYNYA++ (1)AA+ (2)Aa1 (2)B+ (4)99
USAA Life Ins CoTXA++ (1)AA+ (2)Aa1 (2)A (2)99
Unum Life Ins Co of AmerMEA (3)A (6)A2 (6)A (6)C+ (7)78
Unum Ins CoMEA- (4)A2 (6)A (6)C (8)65
Universal Life Ins CoPRB+ w (6)B+ (4)
Univantage Ins CoUTU
Unity Financial Life Ins CoOHB++ (5)C- (9)
UnitedHealthcare Life Ins CoWIA (3)C (8)
UnitedHealthcare Ins CoCTA (3)AA (3)A1 (5)AA- (4)C (8)89
United World Life Ins CoNEA+ (2)A+ (5)B+ (4)91
United States Life Ins of NYNYA (3)A+ (5)A2 (6)A+ (5)C+ (7)82
United Security Assur Co of PAPAC- (12)E+ (13)
United of Omaha Life Ins CoNEA+ (2)A+ (5)A1 (5)B (5)90
United National Life of AmerILB++ (5)B (5)
United Life Ins CoIAA- (4)B (5)
United Ins Co of AmericaILA- (4)A- (7)A3 (7)A- (7)B- (6)62
United Home Life Ins CoINA- (4)B (5)
United Heritage Life Ins CoIDB++ (5)B (5)
United Fidelity Life Ins CoTXC (8)
United Farm Family Life Ins CoINA (3)A (2)
United Benefit Life Ins CoOHU
United American Ins CoNEA+ (2)AA- (4)A+ (5)B- (6)91
Union Security Life Ins NYNYB++ (5)C+ (7)
Union Security Ins CoKSB++ (5)A (6)Baa1 w- (8)B (5)53
Union National Life Ins CoLAA- (4)A- (7)A- (7)B (5)59
Union Labor Life Ins CoMDA- (4)B (5)
Union Fidelity Life Ins CoKSNRE (14)
Unimerica Life Ins Co of NYNYA (3)B- (6)
Unimerica Ins CoWIA (3)B (5)
Unified Life Ins CoTXB++ (5)B (5)
UNICARE Life & Health Ins CoINA- (4)B- (6)
U.S. Financial Life Ins CoOHA- w (4)B (5)
Trustmark Life Ins Co of NYNYA- (4)B (5)
Trustmark Life Ins CoILA- (4)B+ (4)
Trustmark Ins CoILA- (4)B+ (4)
Triple-S Vida Inc.PRB++ (5)B- (6)
Triple-S Blue Inc. I.I.PRB++ (5)D+ (10)
Transamerica Premier Life Ins CoIAA (3)A+ (5)A1 (5)A+ (5)C+ (7)84
Transamerica Life Ins CoIAA (3)A+ (5)A1 (5)A+ (5)B (5)84
Transamerica Financial LifeNYA (3)A+ (5)A1 (5)A+ (5)B (5)84
Transamerica Advisors Life InsARNR
Trans-Oceanic Life Ins CoPRB++ (5)A- (3)
Trans-City Life Ins CoAZA- (4)C- (9)
Trans World Assur CoCAB++ (5)B+ (4)
TPM Life Ins CoPANRB (5)
Tier One Ins CoOKNRU
TIAA-CREF Life Ins CoNYA++ (1)AA+ (2)Aa1 (2)AAA (1)B (5)99
Thrivent Life Ins CoWINRB (5)
Thrivent Finl for LutheransWIA++ (1)AA+ (2)99
Texas Life Ins CoTXA+ (2)A+ (5)C+ (7)90
Texas Directors Life Ins CoTXB (5)
Tennessee Life Ins CoAZ
Tennessee Farmers Life Ins CoTNA+ (2)B+ (4)
Teachers Ins & Ann AssocNYA++ (1)AA+ (2)Aa1 (2)AAA (1)A+ (1)99
Talcott Resolution Life Ins CoCTB++ (5)BBB (9)Baa3 (10)C+ (7)48
Talcott Resolution L&A Ins CoCTB++ (5)BBB (9)Baa3 (10)B- (6)48
Talcott Resolution Int Life ReCTNRU
Symetra National Life Ins CoIAA- (3)
Symetra Life Ins CoIAA (3)A (6)A1 (5)A+ (5)B (5)82
Swiss Re Life & Health AmericaMOA+ (2)AA- (4)Aa3 (4)C+ (7)95
SWBC Life Ins CoTXB++ (5)A- (3)
Supreme Council Royal ArcanumMA
Sunset Life Ins Co of AmericaMOA- (4)B- (6)
Sun Life AssurCNA+ (2)AA (3)Aa3 (4)AA (3)97
Sun Life & Health Ins Co USMIA+ (2)AA (3)D (11)97
Structured Ann Reins CoIANRU
Sterling Life Ins CoILNRB- (6)
State Life Ins CoINA+ (2)AA- (4)B (5)95
State Farm Life Ins CoILA++ (1)AA (3)Aa1 (2)A+ (1)98
State Farm Life & Acc Assur CoILA++ (1)AA (3)Aa1 (2)A+ (1)98
State Farm Health Ins CoILU
Starmount Life Ins CoMEA- (4)C (8)
Standard Security Life of NYNYA- (4)B+ (4)
Standard Life Ins of NYNYA (3)A- (3)
Standard Life & Casualty InsUTB (7)D (11)
Standard Life & Acc InsTXA (3)A- (7)A- (3)75
Standard Ins CoORA (3)A+ (5)A1 (5)B+ (4)84
Southwest Credit Life Inc.NMU
Southern Life & Health Ins CoWIU
Southern Financial Life Ins CoKYA- (4)C (8)
Southern Financial Life Ins CoLAD+ (10)
Southern Farm Bureau Life InsMSA+ (2)A (2)
Sheridan Life Ins CoOKU
Shenandoah Life Ins CoVAA- (4)B- (6)
ShelterPoint Life Ins CoNYA- (4)A- (7)A (2)55
ShelterPoint Ins CoFLA- (4)B (5)
Shelter Life Ins CoMOA (3)B (5)
Settlers Life Ins CoWIA- (4)B (5)
Sentry Life Ins Co of New YorkNYA+ (2)B (5)
Sentry Life Ins CoWIA+ (2)A (2)
Sentinel Security Life Ins CoUTB++ (5)D (11)
Sentinel American Life Ins CoTXNRU
Security Mutual Life of NYNYA- (4)C (8)
Security Life of Denver Ins CoCONRA+ w- (5)A3 (7)A w- (6)B- (6)77
Security Benefit Life Ins CoKSA- (4)A- (7)B (5)55
Securian Life Ins CoMNA+ (2)AA- (4)Aa3 (4)AA (3)B (5)96
SCOR Global Life USA Re CoDEA+ (2)AA- (4)B- (6)95
SCOR Global Life Reins Co DEDEA+ (2)AA- (4)C (8)95
SCOR Global Life Americas ReinDEA+ (2)AA- (4)AA- (4)C (8)94
SBLI USA Life Ins CoNYA- (4)B- (6)
Savings Bank Mutual Life InsMAA (3)A- (7)B+ (4)75
Sagicor Life Ins CoTXA- (4)C- (9)
S.USA Life Ins CoAZA- (4)B- (6)
Royal Neighbors of AmericaILA- (4)
RiverSource Life Ins Co of NYNYA+ (2)AA- (4)Aa3 (4)C (8)95
RiverSource Life Ins CoMNA+ (2)AA- (4)Aa3 (4)C+ (7)95
RGA Reins CoMOA+ (2)AA- (4)A1 (5)A (6)B- (6)89
Resource Life Ins CoILNRU
Reserve National Ins CoOKA- (4)B- (6)
ReliaStar Life Ins Co of NYNYA (3)A+ (5)A2 (6)A (6)B (5)80
ReliaStar Life Ins CoMNA (3)A+ (5)A2 (6)A (6)B- (6)80
Reliance Standard Life of TXTXU
Reliance Standard Life Ins CoILA+ (2)A+ (5)A2 (6)C+ (7)87
Reliable Life Ins CoMOA- (4)A- (7)A- (7)B- (6)59
Reinsurance Co of MissouriMOC (8)
Regal Reins CoMAU
Puritan Life Ins Co of AmerTXB++ (5)C (8)
Prudential Retirement Ins&AnnCTA+ (2)AA- (4)Aa3 (4)AA- (4)B- (6)95
Prudential Legacy Ins Co NJNJNRD+ (10)
Prudential Ins Co of AmericaNJA+ (2)AA- (4)Aa3 (4)AA- (4)B (5)95
Prudential Annuities Life AssurAZA+ (2)AA- (4)AA- (4)B- (6)94
Pruco Life Ins Co of NJNJA+ (2)AA- (4)AA- (4)B- (6)94
Pruco Life Ins CoAZA+ (2)AA- (4)Aa3 (4)AA- (4)C+ (7)95
Provident Life & CasualtyTNA (3)A (6)B- (6)78
Provident Life & AccTNA (3)A (6)A2 (6)A (6)C+ (7)78
Provident Amer Life & HealthOHA (3)B (5)
Protective Life Ins CoTNA+ (2)AA- (4)A1 (5)A+ (5)B (5)91
Protective Life & Ann InsALA+ (2)AA- (4)A+ (5)C+ (7)91
Professional Ins CoTXB++ (5)C- (9)
Principal National Life Ins CoIAA+ (2)A+ (5)A1 (5)AA- (4)B (5)91
Principal Life Ins CoIAA+ (2)A+ (5)A1 (5)AA- (4)B+ (4)91
Primerica Life Ins CoTNA+ (2)AA- (4)A1 (5)B (5)93
Preneed Reins Co of AmerAZB (5)
Popular Life RePRB++ (5)B (5)
Plateau Ins CoTNA- (4)C (8)
Pioneer Security Life Ins CoTXA (3)C- (9)
Pioneer Mutual Life Ins CoNDNRB (5)
Pioneer American Ins CoTXA (3)C- (9)
Physicians Mutual Ins CoNEA (3)A+ (1)
Physicians Life Ins CoNEA (3)A- (3)
Physicians Benefits Trust LifeILC+ (7)
PHL Variable Ins CoCTB (7)D (11)
Philadelphia American Life InsTXB++ (5)B (5)
Performance Life of AmericaLAA- (4)B- (6)
Penn Mutual Life Ins CoPAA+ (2)A+ (5)Aa3 (4)B (5)93
Penn Ins & Ann CoDEA+ (2)A+ (5)Aa3 (4)C+ (7)93
Pekin Life Ins CoILA- (4)B (5)
Pekin Financial Life Ins CoAZ
Paul Revere Life Ins CoMAA (3)A (6)A2 (6)A (6)C+ (7)78
Patriot Life Ins CoMIA (3)B- (6)
PartnerRe Life Reins AmericaARA+ w (2)C (8)
Parker Centennial Assur CoWIA+ (2)A (2)
Park Avenue Life Ins CoDENRB (5)
Pan-American Life Ins Co of PRPRNRB (5)
Pan-American Life Ins CoLAA (3)A (6)B (5)78
Pan-American Assur CoLAA (3)A (6)B+ (4)78
PacifiCare Life & Health InsINNRAA- (4)B (5)
Pacific Life Ins CoNEA+ (2)AA- (4)A1 (5)AA- (4)A- (3)93
Pacific Life & Ann CoAZA+ (2)AA- (4)A1 (5)AA- (4)B+ (4)93
Pacific Guardian Life Ins CoHIA (3)A (6)A- (3)78
Pacific Beacon Life ReassurHIA (3)
Ozark National Life Ins CoMOA- (4)C (8)
Oxford Life Ins CoAZA- (4)B+ (4)
Order of United Comml TrvlrsOHB (7)
Optum Ins of Ohio Inc.OHB (5)
Optimum Re Ins CoTXA (3)C+ (7)
Omaha Ins CoNENRB- (6)
Old United Life Ins CoAZA (3)B (5)
Old Republic Life Ins CoILB++ (5)B- (6)
Old American Ins CoMOA- (4)B- (6)
Ohio State Life Ins CoTXNRB- (6)
Ohio National Life Ins CoOHA (3)A- (7)A3 (7)C+ (7)74
Ohio National Life Assur CorpOHA (3)A- (7)A3 (7)B (5)74
Occidental Life Ins Co of NCTXA (3)C (8)
NYLIFE Ins Co of ArizonaAZB+ (4)
NTA Life Ins Co of NYNYA- (4)B (5)
Northwestern Mutual Life InsWIA++ (1)AA+ (2)Aaa (1)AAA (1)B+ (4)100
Northwestern Long Term CareWIA++ (1)AA+ (2)Aaa (1)AAA (1)B (5)100
North American Ins CoWIB++ (5)B+ (4)
North American Co for L&HIAA+ (2)A+ (5)A+ (5)B (5)89
Nippon Life Ins Co of AmerIAA- (4)A- (3)
Niagara Life & Health Ins CoNYA+ (2)B (5)
New York Life Ins CoNYA++ (1)AA+ (2)Aaa (1)AAA (1)A- (3)100
New York Life Ins & AnnDEA++ (1)AA+ (2)Aaa (1)AAA (1)B+ (4)100
New Era Life Ins Co MidwestTXB++ (5)C+ (7)
New Era Life Ins CoTXB++ (5)C (8)
New England Life Ins CoMAA (3)A+ (5)A3 (7)A (6)B (5)78
Natl Teachers Assoc Life InsTXA- (4)B (5)
Natl Security Life & AnnNYA- (4)B- (6)
Natl Farmers Union Life Ins CoTXB+ (6)B+ (4)
Nationwide Life Ins CoOHA+ (2)A+ (5)A1 (5)B- (6)90
Nationwide Life & Ann InsOHA+ (2)A+ (5)A1 (5)C (8)90
National Western Life Ins CoCOA (3)A- (7)B- (6)75
National Security Ins CoALB++ (5)B (5)
National Life Ins CoVTA (3)A+ (5)A2 (6)B- (6)81
National Integrity Life Ins CoNYA+ (2)AA- (4)Aa3 (4)AA (3)B (5)96
National Income Life InsNYA+ (2)B+ (4)
National Health Ins CoTXA- (4)C (8)
National Guardian Life Ins CoWIA- (4)B (5)
National Foundation Life InsTXA- (4)B+ (4)
National Farm Life Ins CoTXB++ (5)B (5)
National Benefit Life Ins CoNYA+ (2)A- (3)
Nassau Life Ins Co of KansasKSB+ (6)D (11)
Nassau Life Ins CoNYB+ (6)BB+ (11)D- (12)36
Nassau Life & Ann CoCTB+ (6)BB+ (11)D (11)36
Mutual Trust Life Ins CoILA (3)A (6)B (5)78
Mutual Savings Life Ins CoALA- (4)B (5)
Mutual of Omaha Ins CoNEA+ (2)A+ (5)A1 (5)B- (6)90
Mutual of America Life Ins CoNYA+ (2)A+ (5)AA- (4)B+ (4)92
Munich American Reassur CoGAA+ (2)AA- (4)C (8)95
Multinational Life Ins CoPRB++ (5)C- (9)
Mountain Life Ins CoTNB+ (6)C- (9)
Motorists Life Ins CoOHA- (4)B- (6)
MONY Life Ins Co of AmerAZA (3)A+ (5)A2 (6)B (5)81
MONY Life Ins CoNYA+ (2)A+ (5)A1 (5)A+ (5)B- (6)89
Monitor Life Ins Co of NYNYA- (4)B (5)
Monarch Life Ins CoMAE (14)F (16)
Modern Woodmen of AmericaILA (3)
MML Bay State Life Ins CoCTA++ (1)AA+ (2)Aa3 (4)AA+ (2)B (5)98
Minnesota Life Ins CoMNA+ (2)AA- (4)Aa3 (4)AA (3)B+ (4)96
Midwestern United Life Ins CoINNRA+ w- (5)B (5)
Midland National Life Ins CoIAA+ (2)A+ (5)A+ (5)B+ (4)89
Mid-West National Life of TNTXNRB (5)
Metropolitan Tower Life Ins CoNEA+ (2)AA- (4)Aa3 (4)AA- (4)B- (6)95
Metropolitan Life Ins CoNYA+ (2)AA- (4)Aa3 (4)AA- (4)B- (6)95
Merit Life Ins CoINB+ w (6)B- (6)
MEMBERS Life Ins CoIAA (3)A+ (5)A2 (6)B (5)81
Medico Life & Health Ins CoIAA- (4)C (8)
Medico Ins CoIAA- (4)B- (6)
Medico Corp Life Ins CoIAA- (4)B- (6)
Massachusetts Mutual Life InsMAA++ (1)AA+ (2)Aa3 (4)AA+ (2)A- (3)98
Marquette Indemnity & Life InsAZD+ (10)
ManhattanLife Assur Co of AmerARB+ (6)C (8)
Manhattan National Life Ins CoOHB++ (5)B- (6)
Manhattan Life Ins CoNYB+ (6)B (5)
Madison National Life Ins CoWIA- (4)A- (3)
Lumico Life Ins Co of New YorkNYA (3)
Lumico Life Ins CoMOA (3)C (8)
Loyal American Life Ins CoOHA (3)B- (6)
London Life Reins CoPAA+ (2)C+ (7)
Lombard Intl Life Assur Co NYNYA- (4)U
Lombard Intl Life Assur CoPAA- (4)E (14)
Lincoln National Life Ins CoINA+ (2)AA- (4)A1 (5)A+ (5)B (5)91
Lincoln Life & Ann Co NYNYA+ (2)AA- (4)A1 (5)A+ (5)B (5)91
Lincoln Heritage Life Ins CoILA- (4)B- (6)
Lincoln Benefit Life CoNEA- (4)BBB w (9)C+ (7)52
LifeWise Assur CoWAA (3)A (2)
LifeShield National Ins CoOKB++ (5)B- (6)
LifeSecure Ins CoMINRD (11)
LifeMap Assur CoORA- (4)B- (6)
LifeCare Assur CoAZC (8)
Life of the South Ins CoGAA- (4)C (8)
Life of America Ins CoTXNRC (8)
Life Ins of North AmerPAA w (3)A2 (6)A w+ (6)B (5)78
Life Ins Co of SouthwestTXA (3)A+ (5)A2 (6)B (5)81
Life Ins Co of LouisianaLAB+ (6)D (11)
Life Ins Co of Boston & NYNYA (3)A- (3)
Life Ins Co of AlabamaALB++ (5)B (5)
Life Assur CoOKC- (9)
Liberty National Life Ins CoNEA+ (2)AA- (4)A1 (5)A+ (5)B (5)91
Liberty Life Assur of BostonNHA+ (2)AA- (4)B- (6)95
Liberty Bankers Life Ins CoOKB++ (5)C (8)
Lewer Life Ins CoMOB+ (6)C (8)
Legacy Life Ins Co of MissouriMONRU
Leaders Life Ins CoOKA (3)B (5)
Langhorne Re (Arizona) LtdAZNRC (8)
Landmark Life Ins CoTXB (7)C (8)
Landcar Life Ins CoUTNRU
Lafayette Life Ins CoOHA+ (2)AA- (4)AA (3)B (5)95
Knights of ColumbusCTA+ (2)AA+ (2)98
Kentucky Home Life Ins CoKYC- (9)
Kentucky Funeral Directors LifeKYA- (4)B- (6)
Kansas City Life Ins CoMOA (3)B (5)
John Hancock Life Ins Co NYNYA+ (2)AA- (4)A1 (5)AA- (4)B (5)93
John Hancock Life Ins Co (USA)MIA+ (2)AA- (4)A1 (5)AA- (4)B- (6)93
John Hancock Life & Health InsMAA+ (2)AA- (4)A1 (5)AA- (4)B (5)93
Jefferson National Life Ins NYNYNRB- (6)
Jefferson National Life Ins CoTXA+ (2)C (8)
Jamestown Life Ins CoVAC+ (7)
Jackson National Life Ins of NYNYA+ (2)AA- (4)A1 (5)A+ (5)B (5)91
Jackson National Life Ins CoMIA+ (2)AA- (4)A1 (5)A+ (5)B (5)91
Investors Life Ins Co of NATXB+ (6)B (5)
Investors Heritage Life Ins CoKYB+ (6)C- (9)
Investors Growth Life Ins CoAZ
Intramerica Life Ins CoNYB++ (5)B (5)
Integrity Life Ins CoOHA+ (2)AA- (4)Aa3 (4)AA (3)B- (6)96
Individual Assur Life Hlth & AccOKB+ (6)D+ (10)
Independence Life & Ann CoDEA- (4)C- (9)
Illinois Mutual Life Ins CoILA- (4)B+ (4)
IdeaLife Ins CoCTA- (4)B- (6)
IA American Life Ins CoTXA (3)C (8)
Humana Ins of Puerto Rico IncPRB++ (5)C+ (7)
Humana Ins Co of KYKYA- (4)A (6)B+ (4)58
Horace Mann Life Ins CoILA (3)A (6)A2 (6)A (6)B (5)78
Homesteaders Life CoIAA- (4)B (5)
HM Life Ins Co NYNYA (3)B (5)
HM Life Ins CoPAA (3)B (5)
Hermann Sons LifeTX
Heartland National Life Ins CoINNRC+ (7)
HCC Life Ins CoINA++ (1)A+ (5)AA- (4)B (5)92
Hartford Life & Acc InsCTA (3)A+ (5)A2 (6)C (8)81
Harleysville Life Ins CoOHA- (4)B (5)
Hannover Life Reassur AmerFLA+ (2)AA- (4)B+ (4)95
Guggenheim Life & Ann CoDEA- (4)B- (6)
Guardian Life Ins Co of AmerNYA++ (1)AA+ (2)Aa2 (3)AA+ (2)A (2)99
Guardian Ins & Ann Co IncDEA++ (1)AA+ (2)Aa2 (3)AA+ (2)B (5)99
Guaranty Income Life Ins CoIAB++ (5)B (5)
Guarantee Trust Life Ins CoILA- (4)B (5)
Greenhouse Life Ins CoAZNRU
Greenfields Life Ins CoIANRB (5)
Greater Georgia Life Ins CoGAA (3)B (5)
Great-West Life & Ann NYNYA+ (2)Aa3 (4)AA (3)B- (6)96
Great-West Life & AnnCOA+ (2)AA (3)Aa3 (4)AA (3)B- (6)97
Great Western Ins CoUTA- (4)C- (9)
Great Southern Life Ins CoTXA (3)A- (3)
Great American Life Ins CoOHA (3)A+ (5)A2 (6)B- (6)81
Grange Life Ins CoOHA- (4)C+ (7)
GPM Health & Life Ins CoWAA- (4)B (5)
Government Personnel MutualTXA- (4)B (5)
Golden Rule Ins CoINA (3)AA (3)B (5)89
Globe Life Ins Co of NYNYA+ (2)B- (6)
Globe Life And Acc Ins CoNEA+ (2)AA- (4)A+ (5)C+ (7)91
Gleaner Life Ins SocietyMIA- (4)
Germania Life Ins CoTXB++ (5)C+ (7)
Gerber Life Ins CoNYA (3)B+ (4)
Genworth Life Ins Co NYNYC++ (9)B- (16)B3 (16)CCC+C (8)44
Genworth Life Ins CoDEC++ (9)B- (16)B3 (16)CCC+C (8)44
Genworth Life & Ann InsVAB (7)B- (16)B1 (14)B (15)C- (9)49
General Re Life CorporationCTA++ (1)AA+ (2)C (8)100
GBU Financial LifePAA- (4)
Garden State Life Ins CoTXA (3)A (2)
Funeral Directors Life Ins CoTXA- (4)B- (6)
Freedom Life Ins Co of AmerTXA- (4)B+ (4)
Forethought National Life InsTXU
Forethought Life Ins CoINA (3)A- (7)A3 (7)A (6)B (5)74
Foresters Life Ins & AnnNYA- w (4)C+ (7)
Florida Combined Life Ins CoFLA (3)B (5)
First Unum Life Ins CoNYA (3)A (6)A2 (6)A (6)C+ (7)78
First Symetra Nat Life Ins NYNYA (3)A (6)A+ (5)B (5)80
First Security Benefit L&A NYNYA- (4)A- (7)A- (7)B (5)59
First Reliance Standard LifeNYA+ (2)A+ (5)A- (3)91
First Penn-Pacific Life Ins CoINA (3)A- (7)A1 (5)A+ w+ (5)B (5)81
First National Life of USANENRC (8)
First Health Life & Health InsTXA (3)C+ (7)
First Command Life Ins CoTXB- (6)
First Catholic Slovak UnionOH
First Catholic Slovak LadiesOHA- (4)
First Berkshire Hathaway LifeNYA+ (2)C+ (7)
First Assur Life of AmericaLAA- (4)B (5)
First Allmerica Financial LifeMAA (3)A- (7)A3 (7)A (6)B (5)74
Fidelity Security Life Ins NYNYA (3)B+ (4)
Fidelity Security Life Ins CoMOA (3)A- (3)
Fidelity Life AssociationILA- (4)C+ (7)
Fidelity Investments Life InsUTA+ (2)A+ (5)A- (3)91
Fidelity & Guaranty Life InsIAA- (4)BBB+ w+ (8)Baa2 (9)BBB+ w+ (8)C+ (7)59
Fidelity & Guar Life Ins Co NYNYA- (4)BBB+ w+ (8)BBB+ w+ (8)B (5)57
Federated Life Ins CoMNA+ (2)A (2)
Farmers New World Life Ins CoWAA (3)B- (6)
Farm Bureau Life Ins Co of MOMOA- (4)A- (3)
Farm Bureau Life Ins Co of MIMIA (3)A- (3)
Farm Bureau Life Ins CoIAA (3)B+ (4)
Family Service Life Ins CoTXNRU
Family Life Ins CoTXB+ (6)C (8)
Family Heritage Life of AmerOHA+ (2)B- (6)
Evergreen Life Ins CoTXU
Everence Association IncINNR-5
Erie Family Life Ins CoPAA (3)B (5)
EquiTrust Life Ins CoILB++ (5)BBB+ (8)B- (6)41
Equitable Life & CasualtyUTB+ (6)C- (9)
Enterprise Life Ins CoTXA- (4)B (5)
Employers' Protective Ins CoHINRU
Employers Reassur CorpKSNRBBB+ (8)D (11)
Empire Fidelity Investments LifeNYA+ (2)A+ (5)B+ (4)91
EMC National Life CoIAA- (4)B (5)
Elips Life Ins CoMOA (3)C (8)
ELCO Mutual Life & AnnILB (7)C+ (7)
Educators Life Ins of AmericaILU
Eagle Life Ins CoIAA- (4)A- (7)B+ (4)53
Direct General Life InsSCA- (4)C (8)
Delaware Life Ins Co NYNYA- (4)BBB+ (8)B- (6)52
Delaware Life Ins CoDEA- (4)BBB+ (8)C (8)52
Delaware American Life Ins CoDEA (3)B+ (4)
Dearborn Natl Life NYNYA (3)A+ (5)B+ (4)83
Dearborn National Life Ins CoILA (3)A+ (5)B+ (4)83
CSI Life Ins CoNEA+ (2)AA (3)B- (6)97
Crown Global Ins Co of AmericaDEA- (4)E (14)
Croatian Fraternal UnionPANR-5
COUNTRY Life Ins CoILA+ (2)NRpiA+ (1)
COUNTRY Investors Life AssurILA+ (2)A- (3)
Cotton States Life Ins CoGANRA- (3)
Cooperativa de Seguros de VidaPRC (11)
Continental Life Brentwood TNTNA (3)C+ (7)
Continental American Ins CoNEA+ (2)B (5)
Constitution Life Ins CoTXB+ (6)D (11)
Conseco Life Ins Co of TexasTXU
Connecticut General Life InsCTA (3)A (6)A2 (6)A (6)B- (6)78
Companion Life Ins Co of CACAA+ (2)B (5)
Companion Life Ins CoNYA+ (2)A+ (5)B- (6)91
Companion Life Ins CoSCA+ (2)B+ (4)
Commonwealth Ann & LifeMAA (3)A- (7)A3 (7)A (6)B- (6)74
Commercial Travelers Life InsNYA- (4)B- (6)
Commencement Bay Risk Mgmt InsWAA (3)A- (3)
Combined Life Ins Co of NYNYA+ (2)C+ (7)
Combined Ins Co of AmericaILA+ (2)C (8)
Columbus Life Ins CoOHA+ (2)AA- (4)Aa3 (4)AA (3)C+ (7)96
Columbian Mutual Life Ins CoNYB++ (5)B (5)
Columbian Life Ins CoILB++ (5)C (8)
Colorado Bankers Life Ins CoNCE (14)
Colonial Security Life Ins CoTXD+ (10)
Colonial Penn Life InsPAA- (4)A- (7)A3 (7)A- (7)D+ (10)62
Colonial Life Ins Co of TexasTXC- (9)
Colonial Life & Acc InsSCA (3)A (6)A2 (6)A (6)C+ (7)78
CMFG Life Ins CoIAA (3)A+ (5)A2 (6)B- (6)81
Clear Spring Life Ins CoTXNRU
Citizens Security Life Ins CoKYB++ (5)C (8)
Cincinnati Life Ins CoOHA+ (2)A+ (5)A+ (5)C+ (7)89
Cincinnati Equitable LifeOHB++ (5)D (11)
Cigna Worldwide Ins CoDEA (3)A (6)B- (6)78
Cigna National Health Ins CoOHA (3)B- (6)
Cigna Life Ins Co of New YorkNYA w (3)A w+ (6)A- (3)78
Cigna Health & Life Ins CoCTA (3)A (6)A2 (6)B (5)79
Cigna Arbor Life Ins CoCTNRU
Church Life Ins CorporationNYA- (4)B- (6)
Christian Fidelity Life Ins CoTXA- (4)A- (3)
Chesterfield Reins CoMONRC (8)
Chesapeake Life Ins CoOKA- (4)A+ (1)
Central States H&L Co of OmahaNEA- (4)B (5)
Central Security Life Ins CoTXD+ (10)
Censtat Life Assur CoAZA- (4)
Catholic Order of ForestersILA- (4)
Catholic Life InsTXA- (4)
Catholic Financial LifeWINR
Caterpillar Life Ins CoMOU
Caribbean American Life AssurPRA- (4)B (5)
CareAmerica Life Ins CoCAB++ (5)U
Capitol Life Ins CoTXB++ (5)C (8)
C M Life Ins CoCTA++ (1)AA+ (2)Aa3 (4)AA+ (2)B (5)98
Brooke Life Ins CoMIA+ (2)B- (6)
Brighthouse Life Ins Co of NYNYA (3)A+ (5)C+ (7)83
Brighthouse Life Ins CoDEA (3)A+ (5)A3 (7)A (6)B (5)78
Boston Mutual Life Ins CoMAA (3)B+ (4)
Bluebonnet Life Ins CoMSA (3)A- (3)
Blue Shield of CA Life & HlthCAA (3)A (6)B (5)78
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of KSKSA (3)B (5)
Best Meridian Ins CoFLA- (4)B- (6)
BEST Life & Health Ins CoTXB+ (6)B+ (4)
Berkshire Life Ins Co of AmerMAA++ (1)AA+ (2)AA+ (2)B (5)99
Berkshire Hathaway Life of NENEA++ (1)AA+ (2)C+ (7)100
Berkley Life & Health Ins CoIAA+ (2)A (2)
Banner Life Ins CoMDA+ (2)AA- (4)AA- (4)C (8)94
Bankers Life of LouisianaLAA- (4)C (8)
Bankers Life Ins CoNCE (14)
Bankers Life & Casualty CoILA- (4)A- (7)A3 (7)A- (7)D+ (10)62
Bankers Fidelity Life Ins CoGAA- (4)C (8)
Bankers Fidelity Assur CoGAA- (4)C+ (7)
Bankers Conseco Life InsNYA- (4)A- (7)A- (7)D (11)59
Baltimore Life Ins CoMDB++ (5)B (5)
AXA Equitable Life Ins CoNYA (3)A+ (5)A2 (6)B+ (4)81
AXA Corporate Solutions Life ReDEB+ (6)B (5)
Automobile Club of Sthrn CA LifeCAA (3)B- (6)
Auto-Owners Life Ins CoMIA+ (2)B (5)
Auto Club Life Ins CoMIA (3)C (8)
Aurora National Life AssurCAC (8)
Atlantic Coast Life Ins CoSCB++ (5)C- (9)
Atlanta Life Ins CoGAC+ (10)D+ (10)
Athene Life Ins Co of NYNYA (3)C (8)
Athene Ann & Life CoIAA (3)A (6)A (6)C (8)78
Athene Ann & Life Assur NYNYA (3)A (6)A (6)C+ (7)78
Athene Ann & Life Assur CoDEA (3)A (6)A (6)C (8)78
Assurity Life Ins Co NYNYA- (4)B (5)
Assurity Life Ins CoNEA- (4)B+ (4)
Anthem Life Ins CoINA (3)B+ (4)
Anthem Life & Disability Ins CoNYA (3)B (5)
Ann Investors Life Ins CoOHA (3)A+ (5)A- (3)83
Amica Life Ins CoRIA+ (2)A- (3)
Ameritas Life Ins Corp of NYNYA (3)A+ (5)B- (6)83
Ameritas Life Ins CorpNEA (3)A+ (5)B (5)83
Americo Financial Life & AnnTXA (3)B- (6)
American-Amicable Life Ins TXTXA (3)C (8)
American United Life Ins CoINA+ (2)AA- (4)B+ (4)95
American Retirement Life InsOHA (3)C+ (7)
American Republic Ins CoIAA- (4)B- (6)
American Republic Corp Ins CoIAA- (4)C (8)
American Public Life Ins CoOKA+ (2)B (5)
American National Ins CoTXA (3)A (6)B (5)78
American Memorial Life Ins CoSDA- (4)A (6)B- (6)58
American Maturity Life Ins CoCTB- (6)
American Life Ins CoDENRAA- (4)A1 (5)C (8)91
American Life & Security Corp.NEB++ (5)E+ (13)
American Indep Network of NYNYNR
American Income Life Ins CoINA+ (2)AA- (4)A+ (5)B- (6)91
American Home Life Ins CoKSB++ (5)C- (9)
American Heritage Life Ins CoFLA+ (2)A (6)A (6)B (5)84
American Health & Life InsTXB++ (5)B- (6)
American General Life Ins CoTXA (3)A+ (5)A2 (6)A+ (5)B (5)82
American Fidelity Life Ins CoFLB++ (5)B (5)
American Fidelity Assur CoOKA+ (2)B+ (4)
American Federated Life InsMSB (7)B- (6)
American Farm Life Ins CoTXB (5)
American Family Life Ins CoWIA (3)A+ (5)A+ (1)82
American Family Life Assur NYNYA+ (2)A+ (5)AA- (4)A- (3)92
American Fam Assur ColumbusNEA+ (2)A+ (5)Aa3 (4)AA- (4)93
American Equity Invest Life NYNYA- (4)A- (7)B (5)53
American Equity Invest LifeIAA- (4)A- (7)A- (7)B- (6)59
American Continental Ins CoTNA (3)C (8)
American Benefit LifeOKB++ (5)C (8)
American Bankers Life Assur CoFLA- (4)A (6)Baa1 (8)B- (6)60
Amer Natl Life Ins Co of TexasTXA (3)A- (7)B- (6)75
Amer Natl Life Ins Co of NYNYA (3)A (6)B- (6)78
Amalgamated Life Ins CoNYA (3)A (2)
Amalgamated Life & HealthILC (8)
Allstate Life Ins Co of NYNYA+ (2)A+ (5)A2 (6)A+ (5)B- (6)86
Allstate Life Ins CoILA+ (2)A+ (5)A2 (6)A+ (5)B (5)86
Allstate Assur CoILA+ (2)A2 (6)C+ (7)88
Allianz Life Ins Co of NYNYA+ (2)AA (3)B+ (4)97
Allianz Life Ins Co N AmericaMNA+ (2)AA (3)A1 (5)B- (6)94
All Savers Ins CoINA (3)C (8)
Alfa Life Ins CorpALA (3)B- (6)
AGC Life Ins CoMOA (3)A+ (5)U82
Aetna Life Ins CoCTA (3)A- (7)A2 (6)A (6)B (5)77
Aetna Health & Life Ins CoCTA (3)A- (7)C (8)75
Advance Ins Co of KansasKSA (3)B+ (4)
ACE Life Ins CoCTA- (4)C+ (7)
Accordia Life & Ann CoIAA (3)A- (7)A (6)C (8)76
Academe Inc.WANRU
AAA Life Ins Co of NYNYA (3)B (5)
AAA Life Ins CoMIA (3)B (5)
5 Star Life Ins CoNEA- (4)C (8)
4 Ever Life Ins CoILA- (4)B (5)

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What are Insurance Companies Ratings?

Insurance company financial ratings are assigned by one of five NSRO Certified third-party rating agencies and indicate an insurance company’s financial strength, solvency, and ability to pay policyholder claims.  

Insurance Company Rating Agencies

Below are the 5 main rating agencies that assign insurance companies financial ratings. When you look at an insurance company rating chart you will see the financial rating assigned by one or all of these rating agencies.

Each of these rating agencies is a Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organization (NRSRO). The SEC allows NRSROs to offer ratings to insurers that demonstrate the strength of the various insurance companies’ reserves.

These rating agencies have a high standard to live up to, which should give you some peace of mind about your final decision. If you have been evaluating an insurance company’s financial strength you have likely noticed financial ratings vary from rating agency to agency. We created this insurance company financial ratings overview to help you more easily evaluate an insurance company’s financial strength.


#1. A.M. Best

The only global credit rating agency with a unique focus on the insurance industry. Best’s Credit Ratings, which are issued through A.M. Best Rating Services, Inc., are a recognized indicator of insurers’ financial strength and creditworthiness. You can search for an insurance company’s A.M. Best Rating on this page of the A.M. Best website.


#2. S&P Global Ratings

In 28 countries around the world and with a history that dates back more than 150 years, S&P Global Ratings provides high-quality market intelligence in the form of credit ratings, research, and thought leadership. S&P Global Ratings has rated over 1,000 insurers; you can search the complete list at


#3. Moody’s 

Moody is an essential component of the global capital markets, providing credit ratings, research, tools, and analysis that contribute to transparent and integrated financial markets. Visit Moody’s to learn more about their insurance industry ratings and market research.


#4. Fitch Ratings 

A Global Leader in financial information services with operations in 30 countries. Visit Fitch’s Insurance ratings page on their website to read a comprehensive explanation of their rating process.


#5. Kroll Bond Rating Agency, LLC

Kroll Bond Rating Agency, LLC, and its affiliates (KBRA) is a global full-service rating agency with a mission to set a standard of excellence and integrity. Established in 2010, KBRA remains dedicated to the restoration of trust in credit ratings by creating new standards for assessing risk and by offering timely and transparent ratings. The least established of NSRA Insurance Company Rating Agencies and we would put the least amount of importance on their rating.

An insurance company's financial rating is an opinion (not a fact) and is issued by an independent agency. An insurance company credit rating indicates an insurance company's financial strength, solvency, and ability to pay policyholder claims. Each rating agency has its own rating scale so the same insurance company can receive different ratings among the four agencies. An insurance company rating chart may not include a rating from every agency.

Insurance Company Ratings Chart

Each of these rating agencies uses its own proprietary scale to rate an insurance company. Their rating refers only to the financial strength of the insurance company and is not a recommendation for an annuity product. 

This insurance company rating chart outlines each of these four rating agencies’ letter grade rating scales and their meaning.

Possible RatingsA.M. BestStandard & Poor'sMoody'sFitch Ratings
SuperiorExtremely StrongExceptionalExceptionally Strong
SuperiorVery StrongExcellentVery Strong
ExcellentVery StrongExcellentVery Strong
ExcellentVery StrongExcellentVery Strong
WeakMarginalQuestionableModerately Weak
WeakMarginalQuestionableModerately Weak
PoorMarginalQuestionableModerately Weak
Under SupervisionWeakPoorWeak
In LiquidationWeakPoorWeak
Very WeakVery PoorVery Weak
Very WeakVery PoorVery Weak
Very WeakVery PoorVery Weak
Extremely WeakExtremely PoorExtremely Weak

Possible Insurance Company Ratings Chart

In addition to the four agencies covered above you may also come across financial ratings issued by KBRA or Weiss. The table below lists the 5 highest potential ratings from all 6 of the potential rating agencies. As you can see the financial ratings vary a fair amount.

For example, the fifth-highest rating from A.M. Best is a B++ while the 5th highest rating assigned by Fitch and KBRA is an A+ while KBRA’s fifth-highest rating is a B+.

Comdex Score

The Comdex Score is not a rating, but a composite of all the ratings a company has received. It ranks companies on a scale of 1 to 100, showing you at a glance where a company is ranked among all rated insurers.

In order to take those reviews from A.M. BestMoody’sFitch, Weiss, and Standard & Poor’s and put them all on a level playing field, the Comdex was born.

The idea here is to take a sort of ‘average’ number, then find out where the carrier ranks among the others based on that ‘average.’


Composite Index

Comdex stands for composite index; rightly so, as the Comdex compiles the scores from the four major credit raterspresenting you with a composite score of all the evaluations a life insurance company has available.

It then puts each company into one single, 100-point scale. This method, in essence, creates a percentile in which to place each company. 

The higher the percentile, the higher the company’s overall rankings among the other private rating companies.

As an example, an insurer with a 97 Comdex Score is in the 97th percentile of all ranked companies, or put another way, has financial strength superior to 97% of ranked companies. Many insurance seekers find it far simpler to look at a score on a scale of 1-100 than to try to understand four or five different rating scales and their methodology.

Insurance company ratings chart showing potential ratings

A.M. Best Ratings Scale

A.M. Best is the most widely accepted rating agency. Many insurance company rating charts have only one financial rating assigned; when that is the case, almost always it is assigned by A.M. Best.

AM Best is the leading provider of insurance company ratings, news, analysis, and financial information for the Life/Annuity insurance industry. Best’s Credit Ratings are independent opinions regarding the creditworthiness of an issuer or debt obligation.

An A.M. Best rating is more than a balance sheet strength assessment and includes valuations of operating performance.

Am best 5 step rating methodology

The economy and related economic cycles drive the level of life and annuity insurance activity, revenue, and income. 

Typical business dynamics such as competition, consumer demands, and regulatory changes combined with economic forces have resulted in significant changes in the life and annuity insurance industry with changing risk profiles, market participants, and products.

A.M. Best’s Credit Ratings are based on a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative evaluation of a company’s balance sheet strength, operating performance, business profile, and enterprise risk management or, where appropriate, the specific nature and details of debt security.


Understanding Best Capital Adequacy Ratio (BCAR)

The BCAR depicts the quantitative relationship between a rating unit’s balance sheet strength and its key financial risks that could impact such strength. As the foundation of financial security, balance sheet strength is critical to the determination of a rating unit’s ability to meet its current and ongoing obligations.

By establishing a guideline for the net required capital needed to support balance sheet strength, BCAR can assist analysts in differentiating among the financial strength of insurers and in determining whether a rating unit’s capitalization is appropriate for its risk profile. 

The analysis of BCAR alone does not decide the balance sheet strength assessment. Other factors that can impact the balance sheet strength analysis include:

    •  liquidity
    • quality of capital 
    • dependence on reinsurance
    • quality and appropriateness of reinsurance
    • asset/liability matching reserve adequacy
    • stress tests
    • internal capital models
    • the actions or financial condition of an affiliate and/or holding company 

Similarly, a rating is more than a balance sheet strength assessment and includes evaluations of a rating unit’s operating performance, business profile, and enterprise risk management.

Understanding am best financial rating process bcar illustration

The BCAR model calculates a rating unit’s net required capital at different confidence levels, resulting in a BCAR score for each of these levels. Since the difference between a rating unit’s available capital and its net required capital is expressed as a ratio to available capital, a BCAR score expresses the extent of the excess or shortfall as a percentage of available capital. 

A positive score at a particular confidence interval indicates the rating unit’s available capital is in excess of its net required capital, whereas a negative score indicates the rating unit’s available capital has fallen short of its net required capital. State Guaranty Associations are in place should an insurer become insolvent.

Tips for Picking a Top Rated Annuity Company

Below are 3 helpful items to look for when trying to make sense of an insurance company’s ratings.

1. Comdex Score:

The Comdex gives you a quick summary of a carrier’s ratings and shows you how they stack up. If you see a score in the 80s that is typically high rated annuity company. For instance, a Comdex Score of 85 means the annuity company is rated in the top 85% of all rated annuity companies.

2. Numerical Equivalent

A number in parenthesis next to each rating quickly tells you where that rating fits on the scale for that rating service. A+ (2) tells you this is the second-best rating for AM Best.

3. A.M. Best Rating

A.M. Best is by far the gold standard when it comes to insurance company rating agencies so when in doubt it doesn’t hurt to default to their rating when evaluating potential insurance companies. In general, an AM Best rating of A- or better indicates a financially solid insurance company.

Annuity Company Ratings

A+ ( Top Rated) Annuity Companies

Lincoln Financial GroupRating
1300 South Clinton St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802
A.M. Best Rating (15 possible ratings)A+ (2)
Moody's (21 possible ratings)A1 (5)
Fitch (21 possible ratings)A+ (5)
Standard & Poor's (Financial Strength, 20 Ratings)AA- (4)
Comdex (percentile of all rating companies)90
North American Company for Life and Health InsuranceRating
Mailing AddressP.O. Box 79905, Des Moines, IA 50325-0905
A.M. Best Rating (15 Possible Ratings)A+
Fitch Ratings (Financial Strength, 21 Ratings)A+ (5)
Comdex Score (Percentile of All Rated Companies)89
Standard & Poor's (Financial Strength, 20 Ratings)A+ (5)
Pacific Life Insurance Company Rating
700 Newport Center Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660
A.M. Best Rating (15 possible ratings)A+ (2)
Moody's (21 possible ratings)A1 (5)
Fitch (21 possible ratings)AA- (4)
Standard & Poor's (Financial Strength, 20 Ratings)AA- (4)
Comdex (percentile of all rating companies)93
Allianz LifeRating
5701 Golden Hills Dr., Minneapolis, MN 55416
A.M. Best RatingA+
Moody's (21 rankings)A1 (5)
Comdex (percentile of all rated companies)94
Standard & Poor's (20 Possible Ratings)AA (3)
Nationwide Life & Annuity CompanyRating
One Nationwide Plaza, Columbus, OH 43215
A.M. Best Rating (15 possible ratings)A+ (2)
Moody's (21 possible ratings)A1 (5)
Standard & Poor's (Financial Strength, 20 Ratings)A+ (5)
Comdex (percentile of all rating companies)90

A Rated Annuity Companies

Athene Financial RatingsRating
7700 Mills Civic Parkway, West Des Moines, IA 50266
A.M. Best Rating (15 possible ratings)A (3)
Fitch Ratings (21 possible)A (6)
Comdex (percentile of all rating companies)78
Standard & Poor's (20 possible ratings)A (6)
Global Atlantic Financial Group Rating
A.M. Best Rating (15 possible ratings)A (3)
Moody's (21 possible ratings)A3 (7)
Fitch (21 possible ratings)A (6)
Standard & Poor's (Financial Strength, 20 Ratings)A- (7)
Comdex (percentile of all rating companies)75
Great American Life Insurance CompanyRating
301 E Fourth St., Cincinnati, OH 45202
A.M. Best Rating (15 possible ratings)A+ (2)
Moody's (21 possible ratings)A2 (6)
Standard & Poor's (20 possible ratings)A+ (5)
Comdex (percentile of all rated companies)82
American National Insurance Company (ANICO)Rating
A.M. Best Company (Best's Ratings, 15 Ratings)A (3)
Standard & Poor's (Financial Strength, 20 Ratings)A (6)
Comdex Ranking (Percentile in Rated Companies)79
Assets to Liabilities Ratio120.59%
American General Life Insurance CompanyRating
A.M. Best Company (Best's Ratings, 15 Ratings)A (3)
Moody's (Financial Strength, 21 Ratings)A2 (6)
Standard & Poor's (Financial Strength, 20 Ratings)A+ (5)
Fitch Ratings (Financial Strength, 21 Ratings)A+ (5)
Weiss (Safety Rating, 16 Ratings)B (5)
Comdex Ranking (Percentile in Rated Companies)82
Jackson National Life Insurance CompanyRating
1 Corporate Way, Lansing, MI 48951
A.M. Best Rating (15 possible ratings)A (3)
Moody's (21 possible ratings)A1 (5)
Fitch (21 possible ratings)A+ (5)
Standard & Poor's (Financial Strength, 20 Ratings)A+ (5)
Comdex (percentile of all rating companies)84

A- Rated Annuity Companies

American EquityRating
6000 Westown Pkwy, West Des Moines, IA 50266
A.M. Best Rating (15 possible ratings)A- (4)
Fitch (21 possible ratings)A- (7)
Standard & Poor's (Financial Strength, 20 Ratings)A- (7)
Comdex (percentile of all rating companies)60
Oxford Life Insurance Company 
Group AffiliationOxford Group
Home Office Phone Number602-263-6666
Mailing Address2721 North Central Avenue
Phoenix AZ 85004-1172
A.M. Best Rating (15 possible ratings)A- (6th)
Weiss(Safety Rating, 16 ratings)B+ (4)
Assets to Liabilities110.20%
InsurerGuggenheim Life and Annuity
Mailing Address401 Pennsylvania Parkway, Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46280
Group AffiliationGroup 1001
A.M. Best RatingA-
State of DomicileDeleware
NAIC Company Code 83607
WebsiteGuggenheim Life and Annuity Website

B++ Rated Annuity Companies

Guaranty Income Life Insurance CompanyRatings
Mailing Address 2638 S Sherwood Forest Blvd, Suite 200
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Group AffiliationKuvare US Group
A.M. Best RatingB++
State of DomicileIowa
NAIC Company Code 64238
Assets to Liabilities Ratio134.15%
EquiTrust Life Insurance CompanyRating
A.M. Best Company (Best's Ratings, 15 Ratings)B++(6)
Standard & Poor's (Financial Strength, 20 Ratings)BBB+(6)
Comdex Ranking (Percentile in Rated Companies)41
Assets to Liabilities Ratio106.29%
Atlantic Coast Life Insurance CompanyRatings
Group AffiliationAdvantage Capital Group
A.M. Best RatingB++
State of DomicileSouth Carolina
NAIC Company Code 61115
Upstream Life Insurance Company 
Mailing Address265 North Lamar Blvd, Suite A, Oxford, MS 38655
A.M. Best Rating (15 possible ratings)B++ (5th)
Assets to Liabilities178%

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