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How to Use a CD Calculator

With our CD Calculator, you can calculate how much interest a CD would pay. Just enter:

CD Rate
Leng of Term
Compound frequency
Investment amount

The CD calculator also can be used to compare CDs with different terms and interest rates, to see which may yield the highest returns. You can also use it to compare the amount of interest a CD earns with other investments such as stocks, bonds, annuities, real estate, and mutual funds. 

To find out how much interest you earn after taxes you only need to enter one additional piece of information, your marginal tax rate. Finally, our CD calculator will tell you the inflation-adjusted value of your investment if you enter an assumed inflation rate.

Best Guaranteed Interest Rates

A fixed annuity is essentially a Certificate of Deposit (CD) issued by an insurance company rather than a bank. Fixed annuities provide a guaranteed interest rate for the term of the contract. The table below shows the best-guaranteed interest rates available today for 2 to 10-year contract terms.

TermInsurerRateAnnuity AM BestApplication
2 Years Americo annuity logo
5.35%Platinum Assure 2AApply
3 YearsSecurity sentinel life logo
Sentinel Security
5.90%Personal ChoiceB++Apply
4 Years Americo annuity logo
5.50%Platinum Assure 4AApply
5 Years Ibexis annuity logo
6.30% SimpleMYGA PlusA-Apply
6 Years Nassau logo
7 Years Ibexis annuity logo
6.50% SimpleMYGA PlusA-Apply
8 Years Equitrust annuity logo
5.50%Certainty SelectB++Apply
9 YearsAmerican national annuity logo
American National
5.35%Palladium MYGAAApply
10 Years Equitrust annuity logo
5.60%Certainty SelectB++Apply

Disclaimer: This is an independent product review. My Annuity Store, Inc. is not affiliated with a bank, credit union, or any financial institution. Many banks do offer both fixed annuities and certificates of deposit and our goal is to help you find the best interest rates for your retirement nest egg. We are licensed to sell annuities in 42 states and will be compensated directly by the insurance company should you buy something using our website.

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