Immediate Annuity Calculator

Get a personalized immediate annuity quote report using our lifetime annuity calculator.

Immediate Annuity Calculator

Enter your information in our immediate annuity calculator below and receive a personalized lifetime immediate annuity quote today. You can compare today’s top deferred annuity rates here.

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Calculate Your Own Immediate Annuity Payments

Use one of the immediate annuity calculators below to calculate your own immediate annuity payments online.

Annuity TypeAnnuity Calculator
Taxable vs. Tax Deferred CalculatorGlobal Atlantic
Solving Your Retirement Income CalculatorMidland National
Roth IRA vs Traditional IRA CalculatorGlobal Atlantic
RMD Calculator Global Atlantic
Long Term Care Annuity CalculatorGlobal Atlantic
Lifetime Annuity CalculatorMidland National
Retirement CalculatorJourneyGuide Retirement Calculator
Income Annuity CalculatorAIG
Income Annuity CalculatorThe Standard
Income Annuity CalculatorCharles Schwab
Income Annuity CalculatorSun Life
Income Annuity CalculatorBrighthouse Financial
Income Annuity CalculatorUSAA Income Annuity
Fixed Index Annuity CalculatorThe Standard
Fixed Index Annuity CalculatorGreat American
Fixed Annuity CalculatorOceanview
Fixed Annuity CalculatorThe Standard
Compound Interest CalculatorCompound Interest Calculator
Fixed Annuity

How Much Do Immediate Annuities Pay?

How much does a $100,000 annuity pay per month? The chart below shows how much income per month is generated by a $100,000 income annuity for a 65 year-old male and female using a life and cash refund payment option.

$100,000 Immediate Annuity Monthly Payments for a 65 Year-old-female

Annuity CompanyMonthly Payment
Global Atlantic A421.35
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company A++
New York Life Insurance and Annuity Corporation A++
Lincoln National Life Insurance Company A+414.55
Symetra Life Insurance Company A413.29
Mutual of Omaha by United of Omaha A+408.83
Midland National Life Insurance Company A+405.27
North American Company for Life and Health A+405.27
American National Insurance Company A404.73
Protective Life Insurance Company A+398.9

$100,000 Immediate Annuity Monthly Payments for a 65 Year-old-male

Annuity CompanyMonthly Payment
American General Life Insurance A$446.84
New York Life Insurance A++$437.11
Lincoln National Life A+$432.40
Symetra Life A$426.88
Mutual of Omaha A+$422.24
Midland National A+$422.20
North American Company A+$422.20
American National Insurance A$418.45
Prudential Insurance A+$411.42

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