Best Annuity Rates for November 2022

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Best Annuity Rates Today

This guide compares today’s best-guaranteed annuity rates, fixed index annuity rates, and best MYGA rates today as well as the best immediate annuity rates for those looking for guaranteed income.

As a retirement savings vehicle annuities receive preferential tax treatment from the IRS allowing you to accumulate interest on a tax-deferred basis.

Best Guaranteed Annuity Rates 2022

Below are the best fixed annuity rates today as of October 23, 2022. Currently, Oceanview offers the best guaranteed annuity rate today of 5.30% available in a 7 year fixed annuity.  

TermInsurer AnnuityRateAM BestW/Ds 
2 Years Americo financial annuity logo AmericoPlatinum Assure4.30%AGreen check mark
3 Years Guaranty income life insurance company logo Guaranty Income LifeGuaranty Rate Lock5.30%A-Green check mark
4 Years Guaranty income life insurance company logo Guaranty Income LifeGuaranty Rate Lock5.40%A-Green check mark
5 Years Ibexis annuity logo Ibexis MYGA Plus6.00%A-Green check mark
6 Years Oceanview annuity logo OceanviewHarbourview5.30%A-Green check mark
7 Years Aspida annuity logo ASPIDASynergy Choice5.55%A-Red check mark
8 Years Oxford life insurance company logo Oxford LifeMulti-Select 4.95%AGreen check mark
9 Years Oxford life logo Oxford LifeMulti-Select 4.95%AGreen check mark
10 Years Oceanview annuity logo OceanviewHarbourview5.20%A-Green check mark

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Compare Today's Best Annuity Rates

Understanding how interest is credited for each type of annuity is important because they determine how your money will earn interest. Different types of annuities are better suited for different goals and objectives.

Fixed index annuity crediting methods

Fixed Index Annuity Rates

Earn interest based on the performance of a stock market index offering more upside potential along with downside protection.

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Fixed Annuity Rates

Fixed deferred annuity rates are set by the insurance company and guaranteed for the initial contract term.

Income annuity icon

Immediate Annuity Rates

Income Payments are guaranteed for life or a number of years and are determined by your age and income payment options.

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Variable Annuity Rates

Earn investment returns based on the performance of “subaccounts." You can lose money in a variable annuity.

Best Multi Year Guaranteed Annuity Rates Today

A multiyear guaranteed annuity is sometimes referred to as a CD-Type Annuity because they guarantee a specified interest rate for a set number of years. Compare the best current fixed annuity rates for October 2022 in the tables below.

Best 3 Year Annuity Rates

Best 5 Year Annuity Rates

Best 7 Year Annuity Rates

Best 10 Year Annuity Rates

Best Fixed Index Annuity Rates Today

A fixed index annuity is a type of deferred annuity that offers upside potential when the market performs and downside protection from a potential stock market downturn. 

Rather than guarantee a fixed interest rate like a fixed annuity, an indexed annuity credits interest based on the performance of an external market index (such as the S&P 500 ).

Below are todays best fixed index annuities for October sorted by the highest annual cap rate using the S&P 500 Index.

Best Immediate Annuity Rates

Immediate annuity payout rates vary based on your initial deposit and the payout option you select. For guaranteed lifetime payout options, your gender and age are also used to determine your immediate annuity payout rate.

Immediate annuity lifetime payout rates can change as often as weekly, contact us to get a personalized immediate annuity quote, or use our immediate annuity calculator to get a general estimate. 

The below immediate annuity payout rates are based on a $100,000 deposit for the month of September.

Payout TypeAge 60Age 65Age 70
Single Life$5,661 $6,600 $7,562
Life with 10-Year Period Certain$5,697 $6,533 $7,275
10-Year Period Certain$10,515 $10,515 $10,515
20-Year Period Certain$6,053 $6,053 $6,053

Best Bonus Annuity Rates

The below table lists the annuities with the highest bonus rates for October 2022. Annuity bonus rates are paid as a percent of your initial deposit and credited to your annuity account value on the issue date. Read our bonus annuity guide to learn about bonus annuities and compare more annuity bonus rates.

Athene Performance Elite 15 Yr20%
American Select Bonus 10 Yr16%
Athene Performance Elite 10 Yr14%
F&G Performance Pro 10 Yr12%
Midland IndexBuilder 14 Yr11%

Frequently Asked Questions

Annuities are not federally insured. Instead, they are insured by the claims-paying ability of the issuing life insurance company and by State Guaranty Associations.

Annuities do not have annual fees in general and My Annuity Store does not charge you a fee for our services. However, there are some annuity products that offer optional income riders, death benefit riders, or long-term care riders for an additional annual fee.

Currently, the best annuity rate is 5.30% available in a 7-year multi-year guaranteed annuity; 5.20% for a 5-year annuity, 4.85% for a 3-year fixed annuity, and 4.10% for a 2-year annuity.

An annuity rate is a percentage by which an annuity increases each year and is set by the Insurance Company prior to purchase. 

The safest type of annuity is a fixed annuity. Fixed annuities provide a guaranteed interest rate for a set number of years. When you buy a MYGA you will know exactly how much interest you will earn regardless of how the market performs.

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