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Pay a guaranteed rate for a specified number of years.

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Upside potential & downside protection market downturn.

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Today's Best Fixed Annuity Rates by Term

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Today’s Best Indexed Annuity Rates 

The below table lists the best fixed index annuity S&P 500 annual cap rates available today. There are many different index annuity crediting methods and available indexes; so many that it is impossible to lists them here in one table.

Silac insurance company SILACDenali 14B+14 Yrs7.00%10% / 10%
Silac insurance company SILACDenali 10B+10 Yrs5.75%0% / 5%
Silac insurance company SILACDenali 7B+7 Yrs5.50%0% / 5%
Silac insurance company SILACTeton 14B+14 Yrs5.50%0% / 10%
Guggenheim life logo GuggenheimHighlanderB++7 Yrs4.75%0% / 10%
Nassau logo NassauGrowth Annuity 10 B+10 Yrs5.25%10% / 10%
Gilico logo GILICOWealthChoice7B+7 Yrs5.00%10% / 10%
Oxford life insurance company logo Oxford LifeSelect Series 10A10 Yrs4.75%0% / 10%

Today's Best Immediate Annuity Rates

How much income does a $100,000 annuity buy?

Below is a table showing the monthly payout for a 65 year old male listed by insurance company from best to worst. Commonly the higher the insurance company is rated the lower their payout will be; that is not always the case.

Our retirement nest egg calculator is a helpful tool when trying to figure out if you are on track to meet your retirement income goals.

Immediate annuity rates table listing monthly income for 65 year old male by insurance company
Immediate annuity payout rates on $100,000 for 65 year old male.

Current monthly payout amounts for a $100,000 immediate annuity purchased by a 65 year old female with lifetime payments beginning 30 days from purchase. Payments are listed by insurance company sorted highest to lowest by monthly payment amount.

Immediate annuity rates monthly payout chart for 65 year old female per $100k
Immediate annuity payout for 65 year old female

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