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We will walk alongside you and assist in product selection, application, funding, follow up and provide you customer service throughout the life of your annuity contract.

Client Portal

Access all of your annuity contract information in a single, secure portal.

Retirement Income Planning

Use our industry leading retirement income planning software and see where you stand.

Easy Application Process

Apply and sign electronically or receive your paper application overnight via UPS.

Annuity Product Consultation

Shop and compare 52 annuity companies, 300+ riders, and 2000+ annuity contracts.

Our Process

Preliminary Application Online | 10 minutes

Fill out the online application. If you have your information on hand (driver’s license, SSNs, beneficiaries), it should take only 10 minutes.

Official Application/ Review | 20 Minutes

Our team will review your application and reach out to you to confirm any final details before submitting it to the insurance company.

Processing/ Funding | 7-14 Days

Most insurers will have a processing period of a few weeks to accept the application, process funding, and formally issue the policy.

Receive Hard Copy Annuity Contract | 7-10 Days

Once the processing is complete, the insurer will provide us with your formal policy documentation, which we’ll pass along to you and make available in your online account. You’ll always have 10 days from the time you receive the policy to reject it for any reason. This is called the “Free Look Provision”, and it’s required by law.

Manage & Service Your Annuities | For Life

Keep track of your guaranteed income and guaranteed return via our online portal. We’ll be there to help with important milestones, like a fixed annuity approaching maturity.

Future Purchases

Once you’ve created an account and secured your first annuity, the process to buy subsequent annuities will be much easier.

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Donald J. Roth

NASA Materials Scientist

“The annuity store has done a great job helping me understand the best fixed index annuities. They are very professional and timely in their communications. Service has been excellent. I do not hesitate to do further business with them.”

Marcus Kraus

Head of Global Sales, HiQo Solutions, Inc.

The best option I found for learning about annuities after months of research. The team at My Annuity Store has done a wonderful job at providing easy to understand information on a complex topic. I will purchase my first annuity from them when ready.

Client Testimonials

We provide each of our clients with an inherently personal experience. You will work with Jason or Kiara Caudill all of the way through the annuity buying process. We don’t sell leads or disperse them throughout an agent network.

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