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Allianz 222 Brochure Cover: Featured Image of Allianz 222 Review by My Annuity Store, Inc.
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An Unbiased Allianz 222 Review

Allianz 222 Review: April 2021 In this Allianz 222 Review we will cover: Allianz Financial Ratings Product Highlights Fees Indexes/ Crediting Strategies Rates Allianz 222 Pros and Cons Allianz Financial Ratings Before we dive into our Allianz 222 Review we want to cover the financial Strength of Allianz Life because the guarantees of an annuity

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My Annuity Ladder Beats Your Bond Ladder

Annuity Ladder What is an Annuity Ladder? An annuity ladder is an investment technique in which an investor purchases multiple annuities with different maturity dates . In this annuity ladder guide I’ll cover: What an annuity ladder is Why you should consider it as part of an overall retirement plan how to implement them 10

Athene AccuMax Annuity Review Picture of Client Guide
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Athene AccuMax Annuity Review

Athene AccuMax Review: Independent & Unbiased The Athene Accumax is a fixed index annuity designed to provide more upside accumulation potential and downside protection from market volatility. The AccuMax offers 3 index options (2 of which are proprietary), 3 crediting methods, and two-term lengths to choose from. Athene is coming off a huge win taking

Picture of Starry Sky with the text "Retirement Income Planning Isn't Rocket Science it Just Requires a Change in Perspective" Best Annuity Income Riders.
Fixed Index Annuity

Best Annuity Income Riders

Best Annuity Income Riders Guide for Beginners Annuity income riders are optional benefits that can be attached to many variable annuities and fixed index annuities for a fee. They add contractually guaranteed lifetime income benefits to deferred annuities providing flexibility for accumulation and distribution. These types of annuity income riders have become extremely popular we

The Best Annuity and CD Rates in Indiana Picture of 3 glass jars filled with coins labeled savings, pension and retirement
Fixed Annuity

The Best Fixed Annuity and CD Rates in Indiana

The Best Annuity and CD Rates in Indiana In this guide, we will compare the best CD rates to the best annuity rates in Indiana. CURRENT AVERAGE CD RATES IN – INDIANA 1 YEAR CD: 0.27% 18-MONTH CD: 0.20% 2-YEAR CD: 0.31% 5-YEAR CD: 0.39% *LAST UPDATED: March 21, 2021 The Best CD Rates and

Annual Point to Point Annuity
Fixed Index Annuity

Point to Point Annuity Beginners Guide

What is a Point to Point Annuity? Annual point-to-point is a commonly used fixed index annuity crediting method that determines an index’s performance by comparing two points in time; the first day and the last day of the term. Annual point to point was the crediting strategy used in the first-ever index annuity and remains

Retired woman and man leaning over desk planning finances online - 4 step process to help women prepare for retirement

4 Steps Women Can Take to Help Prepare for Retirement

4 Step Process to Help Women Prepare for Retirement Many men and women may approach money management and financial wellness differently and this difference often extends to planning for retirement. While they still may have some of the same financial goals, women may face different challenges and may not always have the same outlook or

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Annuity Reviews

Unbiased American Equity AssetShield Annuity Review

Unbiased American Equity AssetShield Annuity Review The AssetShield is a fixed index annuity with no fees and is available in a 7 or 10-year contract.  The AssetShield Annuity from American Equity is really designed as an accumulation tool and it does not offer an optional Guaranteed Lifetime income rider. However, there is an optional Performance

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10 Year-End Tax Planning Tips

10 Tax Planning Tips to Help You Wrap Up 2020 As we get closer to year-end, many people are concerned about taxes and the possibility of having to pay higher taxes next year. In fact, in a recent survey,* higher taxes were nearly the top post-election concern (31% were concerned), second only to the spread

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2020 Annuity Sales Results | Breakdown & Analysis

Protection-Oriented Accumulation Focused Annuities Dominate 2020 Earlier in the week ThinkAdvisor’s, “Sales of Protection-Oriented U.S. Individual Annuities Continue to Rise.” article explains that protection-oriented annuity sales continue to increase in popularity while income-focused annuity sales dropped sharply. While we certainly don’t argue ThinkAdvisor’s conclusion that Protection-oriented products continue to rise in popularity; however, after further

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Annuity Wealth Transfer Strategy You Will Like

A Simple Annuity Wealth Transfer Strategy Anyone Can Implement When you hear a financial advisor talking about wealth transfer strategies Life Insurance is almost always at the heart of the conversation which certainly makes sense. However, I’ve often seen situations where a client isn’t healthy enough to purchase life insurance, at least not at a

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